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June 11, 2013

Making Word Counts

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It took me a couple tries to get my title what I wanted to say…I kept wanting to type “Making Words Count” which sounds more up my alley than “Making Word Counts” (say it out loud slowly; it will make my struggle make more sense).
Stephen King has a word count goal of 2000 words a day. Of course, he’s Stephen King and has mastered the ability to shut out the world (as much as anyone truly can). It also can’t hurt that he has had time to train his friends and family what the phrase “writing time” actually means. For most of us, that training is a rather arduous process, especially since writing is not yet how we earn our keep. I have told people I needed to get my word count goal and their response was to sit down and watch me get it finished. Can’t tell you how fun it is to have someone stare at you while you try to put pen-to-paper.
I have also had people tell me they would wait around while I finished that up as if it was a load of laundry in the spin cycle.
I do love my friends and family and they really do TRY to be supportive. They think it is hilarious that I write everything out long hand but they still buy me pens and notebooks. They joke a bit when I count up my longhand writing word for word, but they also wait to ask me questions until I have stopped counting.
I would love to write a 1500-2000 words a day — and this is going to be my goal for the duration of the summer. The majority of those words are going to be for Arianna’s Destiny (current word count is 16,149). As I get stuck (or when one of my characters needs a nap) I will add to other projects. I will keep you posted on how I do…but please, don’t stare at me when I write…it creeps me out.


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