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June 16, 2013

Getting brave

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My friend, Misty, got me a card that said “dandelions are my favorite because they refuse to give up” and my Christmas present to myself was a permanent reminder to never give up on my writing.
For the majority of my life, I have played it safe…I have been ever aware of where the line in the sand was, and have stayed safely on the side where there would be approval and where nothing I did would show up on a background check (as an educator,  this is very important).
I have hidden myself away, have kept extra weight on, have pursued relationships I knew wouldn’t last, because again…it was safe.
My tattoo was my first step at being brave. It was a step that I needed to take and one I don’t regret in the least. I am done hiding.  I am going to show the world that I no longer need approval or safety. What I want in my life is the real deal.
Being an author is being allowed to be myself for the first time. As a teacher, I wear a mask…I play the role…all the world’s a stage, and all that. As an author. …it’s me. No more hiding, no more safety…just me…being brave.

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