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June 18, 2013

I approve

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“A man cannot be comfortable without his approval.” Mark Twain
For the most part, I have tried very hard to do exactly this. I have tried to be a person who is true to herself, and a few relationships and job attempts notwithstanding, I have succeeded at approving of the person whom I have become. The jobs and relationships I have tried which were based on someone else’s approval have been short-lived. I felt like a kid playing dress-up, in clothes and shoes which were never going to fit. With each year that passes, I find it easier and easier to worry only about living a life which meets MY approval, and I have been far more peaceful because of it.
It is very refreshing — to be comfortable in my own skin. Good or bad — the decisions I make and the consequences that follow are mine, and I am okay with the decisions I have made. I have had a few stumbles here and there, but those stumbles have made me even more aware of what I want and don’t want, and of course have created more fodder for my various fictional plots…so I really can’t even truly regret any of my actions if my characters and my stories gain from it.
I embrace my life as it currently exists. I embrace my present and my future. And more than that…I approve.


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