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June 19, 2013

WHEN…not if

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Amazing things would be accomplished with a tiny vocabulary switch.
“When” I graduate, not “if” I graduate.
“When I buy an emu, not “if” I buy an emu.
“When” I eat 145 Butterfingers, not “if” I eat them (not recommended)…
I used to say “if I become a best-selling author”…but why, would I, as my most enthusiastic and devoted promoter, leave room for doubt in one of the most important statements about my goals???
Why would I, as a person who both loves and respects the power of words, allow for there to be an “if” in the equation at all??? “If means maybe, which also then by association,  means maybe not.
I now say “when I become a best-selling author” and doesn’t that have a nicer ring to it? Like it’s a certainty.’s just a matter of time. Much better.
“If” implies there are obstacles that could run me off my path. “When” declares the goal is accomplished in spite of the obstacles. 
WHEN I become a best-selling author…yup.  I like the sound of that just fine.


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