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June 23, 2013

Squares into Circles

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“If I’m not blind why can’t I see
That a circle can’t fit where a square should be.”
“Hole Hearted” Extreme
This song lyric could be used to describe a relationship that seems forced or a job that doesn’t quite fit a person’s character naturally (both aspects would be true enough in my life at one time or another).
I started Broken Trust when I was still teaching high school. This was when I was still playing at being an author. I made safer choices. I looked before I leaped. I kept words like “someday” and “if” and “maybe” when I discussed publishing my novels. I also remember wondering if Broken Trust had enough of a story to tell…the answer is no, not as it currently exists. Though the characters certainly have a story to tell.
My goal this month was to edit Broken Trust and get it ready for publication — then to do the same with its sequel, Redeeming Trust. A do-able goal, to be sure as I have the editing skill and know-how to do so.
I knew I wanted the first three chapters to really pop — really grab the reader by the back of the head and make it so they had no choice but to finish the novel. 3 is a good number for my OCD, but it was also based on that being what many publishers use to determine their interest in a novel as well as most readers deciding whether or not to keep reading.
The three chapters as they existed were fine…they would suffice. But they didn’t really make Ali, Ben, or Sam all that they could be…all that they exist as in my head.
I though maybe I could just move some chapters around…get the beginning to where I wanted it…then this song lyric popped in my head, and I realized I was trying to force the beginning so that it would be less work.
A friend asked me if I had fears of publishing my 3rd book. He may see this starting Broken Trust over as a sign that I am afraid and therefore postponing…quite the contrary. I want Broken Trust to be as shiny on paper as it is in my head. I don’t want to force squares into circles. I want to create the circle that fits naturally and perfectly.

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