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June 23, 2013

The trouble with time

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So, the trouble with time is that it changes things. I have 5 first drafts done and sitting in a crate. Recent conversations with friends has reminded me that those novels sitting in crates need to be finished….
One of the novels, Broken Trust, was started about 10 years ago, and is going to be the next one I publish. The trouble is that in the decade since I started this novel,  some things have changed.
I have learned more about its characters,  Ben, Sam, and Ali.
I have learned more about writing and am free to be more courageous with my writing.
I am more mature (in some areas, sort of…once in a while).
My life has changed and with every experience,  my novels have more things to choose from.
I am more willing to take chances and not needing to hide as much.
I know where I want the first three chapters of Broken Trust to get to…and I was going to try to rearrange and shape the existing novel from what I had….dinner at Perkins tonight showed me that what I need to do is start over and the add in the story later. 
I firmly believe that every story gets told EXACTLY  when it is meant to…and things needed to happen the way they did to get my novel where it needed to be…I’ve got some work ahead of me.


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