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June 24, 2013

Switching Channels

Right now I am editing Broken Trust and I am writing Arianna’s Destiny and even though the editing of the former has turned into a rewrite/blend, I am unwilling to lose any momentum with Ari’s sequel (unwilling…afraid…whatever…Ari is VERY talented with a blade).
Making daily progress on both of these novels is a very unique experience as they are COMPLETELY different from setting to characters (though they are best of friends in my head). IT really feels like I am watching two TV programs and keep switching back and forth between the two because I love them equally (it’s hard to imagine this happening with two TV programs that currently exist).
I have a strong chapter one to Broken Trust now and will type that up and see what my reader thinks. I am strong into chapter 15 of Arianna’s Destiny and things are really speeding up there. It is a fun place in my head…and as long as I make progress scene by scene and chapter by chapter, there is peace among the chaos.
I know that the next book I want to publish is Broken Trust. It is high time the world meets Ali, Sam, and Ben. Then I think I may publish Arianna’s Destiny and then Redeeming Trust (which is the sequel to Broken…).
It is so fun to have Arianna and her team working with Ali, Sam, and Ben and of course the rest of the characters in my head wanting progress for both. It is not divided in my mind…there is no “Team Arianna” and “Team Sam” they are all on board as long as progress is being made, because the more projects I finish, the closer the next project is to being on the channel in my head.


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