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July 22, 2013

What I Want

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“At the heart of your being lies your answers. You know who you are and what you want.” Laozi
(I am trying so hard to keep the Spice Girl’s song out of your head and mine…I apologize if it snuck in there anyway.)
I want to write and I want to teach. These two professions embody the essence of me, all of me. I have tried, unsuccessfully, at different points in my life to leave one or both of these parts of me behind…to the detriment of myself as a whole. Teaching and writing are the yin and yang of me and I need to find a way to do both and have balance between the two sides of myself.
Maybe it’s being a Gemini…maybe each twin needs a job that fulfills a need so they can both live in harmony. Maybe I’m just a glutton for grading papers and writing novels…I’m not sure the reason. All I know, is that I am most at peace when I am teaching and writing.
When I have tried to put writing on the back burner, I am irritable and out of mental sorts. I am out of focus and on edge all the time. It is fixed as soon as I put pen to paper and allow the words to flow across the page.
When I have tried to walk away from teaching, I have felt incomplete. I have felt like my life was empty.
So I embrace both sides of me. I love being an author and I love being a teacher. This is me. This is what I want.


July 21, 2013

Not Hot

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I read an article recently that was “15 ways to tell if you are not hot” and I wasn’t really surprised to find out, nope…I’m not even close. I stopped counting, but I know I didn’t have at least 10 of the items on the list.
I don’t say this for accolades or compliments. I am well-aware of both my limitations and my strengths. 
I used to think it didn’t matter. I told myself if I was a good enough teacher and a strong enough writer that the extra pounds I carried around with me like a security blanket didn’t matter. People would love me for my ability to teach and tell stories. And people do…and I love them for it.
I’m tired of hiding behind my extra weight. I’m not going to ever be what society deems as hot, and I’m good with that…but I can be healthier,  I can be more attentive to my attractiveness, and I can be the whole package.
I love being a teacher.
I love being an author.
I just want to be the best of everything I can be. So mile by mile and day by day, I will get there.
So thank you, silly article that would make anyone feel like a homely mole, I will take from you the inspiration to be the best me I can. My students, present and future,  and my characters and muse deserve nothing less.

July 14, 2013


“A book comes along and says, “Write me!” Madeline L’Engle
This is so true. And usually, that book comes along and says WRITE ME as you are in the middle of writing other things. At least this is how it works for me. Other people who are both blessed and cursed with not having ADD may be perfectly capable of writing one novel to its completion and then starting another one. I wonder what these people do during times of writer’s block? My solution to writer’s block???? Pick up another story and play with it a bit. One of two things will happen, you will either break your block and be able to go back to your original story, or you will make progress on the new story. Either way, the block is broken and progress is still being made. And everything will get finished when it is good and ready.
This is a belief that drives not only my life as an author, but my life in every other aspect as well. I believe that not only do things happen for a reason, but that things happen exactly when they are meant to for maximum effect.
There are people in my life whom I have met at the exact time I was going to need them. This is true for real life people and the fictional people who live in my head. It is true for jobs I have had and jobs I have not gotten. It is true as well for my books.
I finished Broken Trust and am in the process of editing it as well as its sequel, Redeeming Trust, the first draft of which is finished except for the ending because I need to re-read the beginning to get to the proper ending. I had every intention of Broken Trust being out this fall, and it still may. I waiting for my muse to let me know if I am supposed to go that route or if I am supposed to finish the draft of Arianna’s Destiny (sequel to Arianna’s Honor) and have that be my 3rd book published. I had originally thought Broken Trust, Arianna’s Destiny, Redeeming Trust would be the order of publication, and it still may.
I am stalling a bit with Broken Trust and usually the stall means that there is something that needs to be added or changed. Maybe it’s something I haven’t experienced yet or a person I have not yet met…I’m not sure. It may also be a simple matter of financial woes.
In the last week or so, a 6-part series (which has been dancing around in my head for about a year now) started to make demands of WRITE ME…and I have started to take notes on the different characters involved. It is a series that will be written con-currently not in a linear fashion, so it is quite the undertaking. I have 4 of the 6 first chapters written which has been an excellent way to keep Arianna fighting across the page.
And there are things in my life that I cannot do anything other than wait for…so while I am waiting, I will listen to the voices in my head which call out “WRITE ME!!!”

July 10, 2013

Shiny sequels

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I am really enjoying writing the sequel to Arianna’s Honor. It is like going to visit an old friend and just as it happens with real-life friends, you pick up right where you left off as if no time has passed.
Arianna has had a life that may be tougher than most have had to deal with, but I completely admire her because she never plays the victim role. She deals with life and gets things done. She is one of the most dependable people I have ever “met” and it is an honor to get to share her with the world.
There are some new dynamics in the sequel. ..some new characters in the mix  which is also an interesting concept to consider. How will they react to Arianna and, of course, how will she react to them. It is amazing to watch her growth and her strength.
I am loving writing this sequel.  Am so glad that my time with Arianna is extended. Arianna’s Destiny is a journey that is more beautiful than I could have imagined when I first met her and I look forward to my readers getting to travel this path with her. She will be tested and pushed, but have no doubt…she will flourish and her strength will prevail. If there is one thing my beautiful heroine knows, it is how to survive and how to protect those that she loves.

July 8, 2013


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So, last quarter I worked too much and wrote too little. This quarter I am working very little, and writing to my heart’s content. (I couldn’t even type that I wrote too much…that doesn’t exist as a concept for me).
I love that I am writing every day. I love that I am making progress every day on my novels. I love this!!!!
One thing that is hard as an author, is to spend equal amounts of time in the creating phase, editing phase, publishing phase, marketing phase,  promoting phase. There are (I’m told) only 24 hours in the day…and to add more to any one phase, the other phases need to be sacrificed a bit. This is where I have fallen out of balance a bit.
I have been so deeply immersed in tbe creating part that I have let the marketing, promoting,  publishing phases slide a little bit. I have stopped advertising my two books that I have published.  I have stopped promoting what will be my next published.  I have stopped researching publication options. This is where I have dropped the ball. I need to get this back in balance.
I know having balance amongst the different phases will be easier once my books are the way that I pay my bills…bit I need to establish these habits NOW. I need to get myself to write every day, of course, but also need to edit, promote, market, sell, advertise,  (and exercise) every day as well.

July 4, 2013

Needing to Finish

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You know the frustration of getting to a certain point of an activity and not being able to finish??? Yeah, I’m there.
I currently have 5 first drafts completely written. 5 drafts which are needing to be edited and polished and then published.  5 drafts which need me to not start a new project until I finish some or all of those. 5 drafts that are begging me to follow through and actually be able to put them into the “done” pile instead of keeping them in the limbo of the “to be finished” pile.
Yes. I need to feel the satisfaction of finishing a project again. I felt it with Whatever you Make of It and I felt it with Arianna’s Honor. I felt it when I held each of those books. It was a “oh yeah, that’s what it feels like to finish something I have started….I remember that feeling…that feels amazing.”
Some think it is fear of success that keeps me from finishing. That may be part of it to be sure….more to the point though is the plethora of ideas that I have started, mixed with just enough ADD to keep things interesting in my world.
But I need to finish…I REALLY need to do this.

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