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July 4, 2013

Needing to Finish

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You know the frustration of getting to a certain point of an activity and not being able to finish??? Yeah, I’m there.
I currently have 5 first drafts completely written. 5 drafts which are needing to be edited and polished and then published.  5 drafts which need me to not start a new project until I finish some or all of those. 5 drafts that are begging me to follow through and actually be able to put them into the “done” pile instead of keeping them in the limbo of the “to be finished” pile.
Yes. I need to feel the satisfaction of finishing a project again. I felt it with Whatever you Make of It and I felt it with Arianna’s Honor. I felt it when I held each of those books. It was a “oh yeah, that’s what it feels like to finish something I have started….I remember that feeling…that feels amazing.”
Some think it is fear of success that keeps me from finishing. That may be part of it to be sure….more to the point though is the plethora of ideas that I have started, mixed with just enough ADD to keep things interesting in my world.
But I need to finish…I REALLY need to do this.


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