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July 14, 2013


“A book comes along and says, “Write me!” Madeline L’Engle
This is so true. And usually, that book comes along and says WRITE ME as you are in the middle of writing other things. At least this is how it works for me. Other people who are both blessed and cursed with not having ADD may be perfectly capable of writing one novel to its completion and then starting another one. I wonder what these people do during times of writer’s block? My solution to writer’s block???? Pick up another story and play with it a bit. One of two things will happen, you will either break your block and be able to go back to your original story, or you will make progress on the new story. Either way, the block is broken and progress is still being made. And everything will get finished when it is good and ready.
This is a belief that drives not only my life as an author, but my life in every other aspect as well. I believe that not only do things happen for a reason, but that things happen exactly when they are meant to for maximum effect.
There are people in my life whom I have met at the exact time I was going to need them. This is true for real life people and the fictional people who live in my head. It is true for jobs I have had and jobs I have not gotten. It is true as well for my books.
I finished Broken Trust and am in the process of editing it as well as its sequel, Redeeming Trust, the first draft of which is finished except for the ending because I need to re-read the beginning to get to the proper ending. I had every intention of Broken Trust being out this fall, and it still may. I waiting for my muse to let me know if I am supposed to go that route or if I am supposed to finish the draft of Arianna’s Destiny (sequel to Arianna’s Honor) and have that be my 3rd book published. I had originally thought Broken Trust, Arianna’s Destiny, Redeeming Trust would be the order of publication, and it still may.
I am stalling a bit with Broken Trust and usually the stall means that there is something that needs to be added or changed. Maybe it’s something I haven’t experienced yet or a person I have not yet met…I’m not sure. It may also be a simple matter of financial woes.
In the last week or so, a 6-part series (which has been dancing around in my head for about a year now) started to make demands of WRITE ME…and I have started to take notes on the different characters involved. It is a series that will be written con-currently not in a linear fashion, so it is quite the undertaking. I have 4 of the 6 first chapters written which has been an excellent way to keep Arianna fighting across the page.
And there are things in my life that I cannot do anything other than wait for…so while I am waiting, I will listen to the voices in my head which call out “WRITE ME!!!”


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