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August 6, 2013

Following Arianna

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“Find out what what your hero or heroine wants, and when he or she wakes up in the morning,  just follow him or her all day.” Ray Bradbury
Every time I get stuck on Arianna’s Destiny, I think about Ray Bradbury’s advice, I pick up my pen, and I get to work.
One thing nice about having a heroine as strong as Arianna, is that she doesn’t sit still well. She will watch the scenes of the other novels being acted out, but more often than not, she will be working on her sword and daggers while she watches. She is well aware that the success of her novel depends on her ability to stay sharp.
So when it is time to write her next sceme or chapter, it is truly an amazimg time to be an author. All I have to do is grab my pen and folloe Arianna as she acts out, directs, and fixes the next chapter.
She may be unable to rest and is demanding of herself to the point where everyone (her author included) worries about her constantly, but she knows where she’s going. Our worry makes her uncomfortable,  but she shrugs it off and keeps her focus and gets the job done. I just have to keep up.
Arianna knows what to do and I just have to allow her the free reign to do what she needs to do.


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