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August 26, 2013

Going backwards to go forward

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So picture a car that is stuck in a little bit of a rut. You keep trying to gain the momentum needed to go forward and know that if you could just get just another inch forward, you would be free to go on your way. You put the car in reverse, back it up ever so slightly, and then shift in to drive, quickly putting the rut behind into your rearview mirror.
This metaphor came to mind as I was writing yesterday.
Some of you may know that I write everything out long hand. Every poem, every novel, every paper, every lesson plan, even every blog. Written out in either print or script, usually in a combination thereof. This is how I think, this is my process, this is my system.
Yesterday I was thinking about how I wanted to end chapter 25 of Arianna’s Destiny to be able to go on to chapter 26. I got stuck and as with the metaphor, I tried to write just the next word. Surely if I could write just one more word, I would get out of my rut. I would be okay. I would finish the chapter….just one more word. No, not that word (scribble out)…not that word either (more scribbling)…sigh.
I took a fresh sheet of paper (which I buy in as much abundance as I do my pens) and I started the page over. I recopied the half a page I had written (throwing it into reverse) and then shifted into drive. After recopying the words I had written previously, I jumped right past the rut and continued on to the end of the chapter. Worked like a charm.
And just in case any of you were curious, yes, I have had to recopy a page if there were too many scratchouts…but that is another post for another day.


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