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September 10, 2013

Finding balance

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So I recently made a shift in employment. I am teaching full-time now at a new school and loving every minute of it. The shift has been going from barely employed to full-time employed. The shift, of course, occurring with the amount of free time I have to write, to read, and to research.
I made a promise to my muse, as I drove to my interview…I promised her that we wouldn’t lose momentum on Arianna’s Destiny or Broken Trust or Redeeming Trust or any of our other projects. I had to promise that what happened w the last two full-time jobs would not happen again.
To be honest, I was not entirely sure I could keep that promise, but I was going to do my absolute best to make it happen. And the most amazing thing happened. I am in love with my new job. I love teaching and with that renewed love comes an energy that is more than sufficient to continue getting my novels to publication.
What’s more…I am excited about finishing my PhD. Actually excited about it…not going through the motions, not finishing it because I have to…but genuinely excited to get my doctorate in adult education.
It’s all about finding balance. I put in my hours at my job and I also put in my time with pen and paper. I also have been doing p90x workouts for about a month now. I am getting much healthier in every way possible and I am loving every minute of it


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