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September 12, 2013

Ribbons and bows

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Ha! Some of you are thinking right now…what could I possibly have to say about ribbons and bows, and you would be accurate in your question. I am not, by nature, a ribbons and bows kind of gal. Especially when it comes to books, more specifically, the endings of books.
I feel cheated when a book, which I have loved all along (for I learned a while ago that there are too many books I want to read to waste time finishing a bad book) and I get best the end. As a reader, there is (hopefully) a bit if surprise, a bittersweet sense of the end of a story with characters I have come to love. There it is…the last chapter….and, oh…what did they do…bad author. Bad. Very very bad.
They took all their loose ends, and, yup, you guessed the metaphor, they tied all their loose ends up in a bow.
I mention this because, as a reader, it is one of my biggest pet peeves. I mention this also because I am close to the end of Arianna’s Destiny. I try for 30 chapters for my first drafts. I am finishing chapter 29, and unless I use the ribbons and bows technique, I have a bit more work to do for Arianna to truly be finished in a way that is worthy of her journey. So, I pick up my pen and get to work. Maybe the first draft well have 35 chapters as that would be the next increment my OCD would find acceptable, though it would prefer 40…


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