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October 14, 2013

Finishing frame of mind

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So it always happens this time of year…when there is less of the year left, when leaves start to change color and fall off the trees, when there is far too little daylight for my liking (I fervently believe I  am solar powered)…that I start thinking about the new year. This year is no different, although I must say I am looking at a much more positive end of 2013 that 2012 (since this time last year I was licking my wounds from being fired for the first time in my life) and this year I have a job I love.
I find myself in a finishing frame of mind. I want to finish Arianna’s Destiny, most definitely. It will be done before year’s end, though November may have been a bit lofty. Her tale is not yet done, and I refuse to let her (or any of my characters) out into the world before they are ready. It will be before 2014; I have a book with a publication date of 2011, one with 2012, and I will have one with 2013.
I want to finish off some other projects I have started, want to clear the decks, if you will, for the new year.
I don’t plan to start any new projects at current, though I have been wrong about that before.
I want to finish things. Get them out in the world. Get them ready. This means Arianna’s Destiny, this means Broken Trust, and this means Redeeming Trust.
This means finishing my website.
This means focusing and not getting distracted.
I can completely do this. I’m not afraid of finishing things, not anymore. I just hold my two books, and those fears dissipate. So no, despite what some think, my not getting another book out yet is not fear of success out any such thing. It is more  attention deficit thing…but I am focused. I am ready. I and finishing.


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