Sodaro's Stories

January 5, 2014

Refresher Course

So I was at Perkins on Friday morning, giving my muse her pancakes and coffee, and enjoying some quiet, much needed pen-to-paper time. As I looked around, I saw a guy reading one of my two favorite books about writing. He was reading On Writing, by my idol himself, Stephen King. (My other favorite is Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott.) And I realized, I needed a refresher course by these two masters.
Chances are, if you have talked to me about writing, I have recommended one or (more likely) both of these books. They have been invaluable to me and it is completely on my yet-to-be-written bucket list to meet these two authors. My copies of these two books are underlined throughout, passage after passage marked where I nodded along with the authors as they wrote about the challenges and triumphs of the author profession ( a profession I love even more than teaching, which those of you who know me, is a profession I have studied and dedicated my life to).
I have published two novels, Whatever you Make of It and Arianna’s Honor. I have Arianna’s Destiny almost ready for its final edit and it will be ready for publication this month. I have 5 first drafts typed and ready to begin the editing process and 3 novels whose first drafts are 2/3 of the way written and just need to be finished. I also have over 20 novels that are started and outlined out, to be written. I am in this author-gig and loving every minute of it.
It occurred to me, as I looked up from my notebook a couple of days ago, that I read both of my favorite books before my books were published and that I haven’t re-read them in a couple of years. I definitely need a refresher course from these two masters of this trade…


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