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February 16, 2014

The Trouble with Valentine’s Day

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As those of you, who have ever talked to me about Valentine’s Day know, I hate Hallmark/media-hyped holidays where people feel pressured to buy gifts to express emotions. No, this has nothing to do with my current, past, or future relationship status. I would always much prefer a “hey, I was out and saw this and thought of you” gift rather than a “hey, it’s February 14th, so here’s some flowers, some jewelry, a pony, a space shuttle…etc” gift. Anyway, I think you get my point. That particular rant is not actually where I want to go to on today’s blog…
The trouble with Valentine’s Day, or rather, the trouble with being an author on Valentine’s Day, is that while there are little bits of me in most of my lead characters to share my views of Valentine’s Day…some of them, yes, it fits with other parts of their character, but some of them, also, it does not. Some of them would, like their author, be more moved by a spontaneous, sweet gesture or token…some of them, like their author, prefer the day after the holiday when the chocolate goes on sale.
But some of my characters will like days like Valentine’s Day…and I have to allow them to do so. This will be a challenge for me, as an author, but my love of my characters and their stories, will trump my personal biases. I will always do what is best for my characters. I have to allow them to be who they are meant to be, which means, when I am writing their stories, I will embrace Valentine’s Day and all that it represents. Wish me luck…


February 2, 2014

Next on the Slide…

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Is there any better feeling then being “next” on the slide, at the coffee shop, in line for cake or ice cream…you get the idea. There is a feeling of nervous excitement when you know you’re next. You watch the person in front of you and you wonder if the ride is going to be as fun, the coffee as satisfying, the cake or ice cream as sweet as you’ve imagined? The person in front of you seems to be taking forever and in your mind you’re bouncing with the energy of “I’m next.” “I’m next!” “I’M NEXT!!!!!”
This is currently the picture in my head. My characters in my novels are all standing on the steps leading to the slide to publication. Arianna is currently on the top step, about to sit down and slide down on the slide for the second time and go out into the world. Arianna’s Destiny is almost ready! Almost! ALMOST READY!!!
Close enough for Arianna and her crew to sit on the top seat and put legs on the first part of the slide (an awkward feat as she refused to go without her blades).
The characters from Breaking Trust are NEXT! They are so excited for Arianna and are completely supportive and completely on board with helping her get ready to slide down. They are also really excited to be next on the slide.

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