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April 24, 2014

Wednesday blogging…

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No, I am not looking at the date wrong again…and no, I don’t think I have lost my last marble…I know it’s not Wednesday…but thank you kindly for checking 😀
It is always my goal to blog on Wednesday and Sundays. I like the mid-week and the end of the week idea…and it has worked well for me for a while now, this past 6 months not withstanding. It has been my intention to blog every Wednesday and Sunday, but as you can tell, my intentions have not come to fruition. The problem is that I will have all written out what I want to blog about on Wednesday, but then the job I have now, which has made me fall in love with teaching all over again, is very crazy on Wednesdays and so my blog never gets typed on Wednesday…then on Sunday, I have something new I want to talk about, but I didn’t post my Wednesday blog, so I really think I should do that one first…so then I end up doing neither…it’s a confusing place in my head full of all kinds of odd rules…but I do want to start blogging more regularly again, I just need to find out a good day of the week to have my first blog so that my Sunday blog can be my 2nd blog and then it will all be right with the world again 😀
Monday is too close to Sunday…Tuesday might work, Wednesday and Thursday (today is an exception to be sure) are out, Friday is kind of getting a little close to Sunday, Saturday would be back to back…so it looks as if it is Tuesday or Friday…and maybe I will give myself that bit of freedom…that my first blog of the week will be on Tuesday or if Tuesday is crazy, then Friday…and then my second blog of the week can happen on Sunday like it is supposed to and there will be order again to my universe.
Long story rather short and swirly…I will be blogging more regularly again. Thanks for being patient with me.

April 14, 2014

Taking a step back, to go forward

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So I want to start off by saying thank you for everyone who has been waiting patiently (or not so patiently) for the release of Arianna’s Destiny. Trust me when I say I am very excited about her story and can’t wait to share her with you all. That being said, I am taking a step back from her for about a week. She is the majority of what I have thought about, dreamed of, prayed about, and stressed over for the past few months…and I think she is absolutely fantastic. I also think I need a few days break from her before I click send…because once you click send, you can’t “unclick” it (if anyone has ever sent an email to a crush and regretted it immediately after, you know what I mean).
When I have a student who comes to me and is stuck on an assignment. I tell them to put it in the drawer for a day or two…give themselves some objectivity and then come back to it with fresh eyes. I figure if the advice is good enough for my students who trust me with their future, it should be good enough for my novels, which are the entirety of my future. I know that with a couple days where I am not reading and re-reading and editing and adding and deleting and fretting and fussing over Arianna, that she will be better for the break. Saying that, it is also very difficult for me to make people wait even one more day…but I want her at her best when I click send…she deserves nothing less than the best.
People have asked me, if Arianna’s Destinyis the end…if that finishes the story. And there was a time that I thought it did end it…but I have heard whispers of a third novel with Arianna…she’s not done yet, which is comforting. I have a few books I want to get out before her third one…but it’s coming…
Thank you again, dear readers, for your patience. I promise she will be worth the wait.

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