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June 7, 2014

Doing what Works…

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So, I get made fun of for this quite often, but I hand write everything before I type it…I write out my novels long hand, I write out my papers, I even write out my blogs, usually 😀 There is just something about holding a pen in my hand that works for me…and if it works, then I am willing to do it forever.
I love technology…I really do…it’s like magic to me. It’s amazing and I am fascinated by people who make computers do magic. And just like the movies with their computer graphics and special effects, I don’t want to see the man behind the curtain…I like the magic.
When my novel is getting ready for me to let it go (control issues, anyone? ?) I need to read it out loud. I have read Arianna’s Destiny probably 4 times now and I have added things each read through. I have my feedback from my reader on what to keep and what to add. And just as surely as it works for me to hand write everything at the beginning, it also helps me to have a printout from which I can read out loud. I have tried to modernize. Have tried to create my novels on the computer without a rough draft. I stare at the cursor.
I have tried to read my draft from the computer as well. I skim too much. So I have printed out my beautiful novel and will do what works.


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