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June 11, 2014

Letting Go…

“Letting Go” by Jessica Harp came on Pandora this afternoon…and while it’s literal meaning is very powerful that the past is the past…what I needed to hear was that it’s okay to let go.
Those of you who have been right along with me through this journey, have experienced this part of being an author twice now…and I can honestly tell you that it hasn’t gotten easier yet, and I think it is one of those things that never will get easier.
I need to let go of Arianna’s Destiny. (yes, I can hear those of you who are screaming at me that it is well past time). I need to click send and put her out into the world…sword and all. She’s ready…she’s been ready…and like a nervous mother of a girl going off to prom, I am fussing over her…making sure her hair is fixed (as much as she will let me as she insists on the braid) and her clothes are clean (well, at least mostly blood-free) and she is going to play nicely with the other kids…(well, not maim any of them) and just like all of us when we were the ones getting fussed over, we wish our parents would just stop and let us go already.
When I was ready to click send on Whatever You Make of It I thought I was going to throw up the instant I clicked send…I wanted an “unsend” button, but none exists and for good reason. When I got ready to send Arianna’s Honor the nervous feeling was just as intense, but as the world had not blown up when I published my first novel, I felt pretty safe that my publishing my second one would not destroy the world either…what will be allowed to happen is that people will get to learn about Arianna’s continued adventure…they will get to love her as much as I do…and she’s ready.
What also will happen when I let go…is I can then work on my Lucky Charms series, which has patiently waited its turn…


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