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June 13, 2014

Chapter 14 blues…

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I figured this was an appropriate blog to do since it is about approaching the middle of the novel…and we are (already) approaching the middle of the month. I am going to write about beginnings later in the month and I have written about endings and will write about them again as they are their own special level of hell, but right now I want to chat about the very strange world of the chapter 14 blues…
So, you have your beginning where you are introducing your characters and your ending where you are wrapping everything up…you have your climax where all the craziest of action happens and your resolution and all of those things we learned in school…and they are all lovely pieces of the puzzle and don’t they go well together.
The part of the novel where it is danger of being “put aside” for me is between chapter 14 to about chapter 24…this is where it is about the day-to-day lives of the characters, where you are dealing with their smaller conflicts and building up to why their climax is a big deal…it’s where you really help your readers care about the characters and feel like they “know” them…so they are really important chapters…but they are sometimes hard to write…
You want it to be a bit like a roller coaster with action happening which would be similar to the smaller hills on the roller coaster…you don’t want the biggest hill to happen too quickly because then the rest of the ride (book) it’s a bit of a disappointment…so you have to proceed through these chapters with some caution. This is also where I usually realize if my novel has enough power to go all the way or if I need to add something to make it so that the novel will make it to the goal of 40 chapters. It’s a test of sorts…


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