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June 22, 2014

No words…

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I didn’t get my blog in yesterday, though I have been trying for this 30 days of blogging…but yesterday there were no words…just no words. Those of you who know me, will know how rare it is that I actually have nothing to say, as usually the problem is quite the opposite.
Yesterday, I sent Arianna’s Destinyoff to BookBaby for eBook publishing. It has to be formatted for the different eBook options and then it will be sent to the different eBook companies and will be available for purchase!!!!
It is so exciting to know that before the end of the month, I will have my 3rd book published. Despite obstacles and life events postponing and pushing things back, despite people from my past hoping for a distracting trip down memory lane. Despite me getting in my own way — despite all of this, I still got Arianna out in the world and opened up the path for the publication of future projects. It’s very exciting in my head right now and I have so much to do and say…but not yesterday.
Yesterday I just wanted to take a minute and just smile. Just enjoy that suspended moment in time where I just floated a bit, feeling a bit like Arianna who is floating toward the next step of the publication process.
I just wanted to float a bit yesterday and so I did…and now it is definitely time to be back to work on my 3-part series, Lucky Charms.


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