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June 27, 2014

And Baby makes three…

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I now have 3 books published…it’s a pretty amazing feeling…I have to tell you. There are, of course a million things I need to do…to promote and get the word out…I need to get the paperback cover formatted…and my website…and just a million other things…but one of the most important things for me to do is to not lose any momentum. I have to get some writing in for my Lucky Charms series. I need to keep the wheels moving because there are many more novels to write and edit and add to my collection 😀 There is no time to slow down. Plus, there is the fear that if I slow down, I will find I like the slower pace and will stop altogether. And then where will I be.
So I clicked send on Arianna’s Destiny and I now have 3 publishing credits to my name. The ebook will be available soon and I have a huge party in my head at all times, but especially when we are celebrating our third book.
And now I jumping in with both feet to my 3-part series…not because Arianna is not worth a party…just because I am not wanting to slow down. I can’t just sit around and wait and see what people think of a book I love so much…characters I know so well. I’ll drive myself crazy doing that. (okay…those of you who know me may be questioning that, so I will put that I will drive myself Crazy-ER :D)
I have three books with my name on them…it’s surreal…just as it was with Whatever You Make of It and as it was with Arianna’s Honor…and soon I will be able to see my third-born on amazon, which is something that never ever ceases to amaze me. I love my characters. I can’t wait for you to see what Arianna got herself into this time.


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