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July 28, 2014

Happy Anniversary to me!!

So WordPress let me know that today is my 4-year anniversary with my little blog here. That’s awesome…I, of course, had NO idea and forgot to get a gift…
I do think that it is fantastic, that today, on my 4-year anniversary, it is also the day I get the paperback copies of Arianna’s Destiny in the mail…so evidently I did get a gift after all 😀 (And those of you who know me, or are authors yourselves, or mothers…you understand that I ACHE to hold my 3rd book, just as much as I did my 1st and 2nd…why do people make you wait for these things?)
Since it is my anniversary. I thought I would reflect a bit…I have grown a lot in the 4 years my blog has lived here…and it has been a fantastic journey. I have published 3 novels Whatever You Make of It, Arianna’s Honor, and most recently (as in the ink is just now dry), Arianna’s Destiny. I have made plans for future novels and changed plans and met fellow people I would not have met otherwise, which always seems a bit like magic to me.
I have thought about expanding my blog…commenting about movies and TV shows and such things…but mostly, all I want to talk about…all I want to do, is write and talk about writing. I still talk about teaching, as it is still my passion (and my paycheck), but writing is my true love and through writing I have found my true self.
So, raise your glasses with me, friends, and SALUTE!!

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