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November 5, 2014

NaNoWriMo update Day 5

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So far this has been my most successful NaNoWriMo to date. Okay, I have only had two previous years, but still…this one is rocking and rolling. I am currently halfway through Chapter 4. I have achieved my daily word count each day so far and have a strong idea where my story is headed. It’s also rather nice that I love my characters and where they are headed.

I started this one with a stronger game plan. I had an outline (well, what passes for an outline for me, which is rather loosy goosy as far as outlines go). I have prompts written in case the story stalls…the biggest part that has helped me is having a writing buddy. We have writing times set aside…and while we don’t meet every day, we do have planned multiple visits per week. This is helpful because of camaraderie, of course, because writing is often a lonely lonely place to play. It is also helpful for ACCOUNTABILITY. I know, for example, that when I get home from work tonight, I need to (at the minimum) have chapter 4 finished (and possibly Chapter 5 started) so that tomorrow, when I am meeting with my writing buddy, we are at the same (approximately) place and can continue to go from there.

This is a great NaNoWriMo so far.


November 1, 2014

Kicking off NaNoWriMo

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So excited to work on Driven West. It’s going to be a ghost story, mystery sort, which is a new genre forbme to try, so that’s exciting. I have loved writing the romances, they have really helped me to believe in love, as any good love story should.
And of course, there will be an element of love in Driven West, as it exists in most stories. Add in a bit of Native American spirit and a generations old feud….nothing says good story like an Us. Vs. them mentality.
I have my novel outlined and plotted a bit. I have my writing buddy. I have my word count plan for the month (it really helps to have Veteran’s Day and Thanksgiving both in the same month. Days off work will help to get to the 50k word count).
So off we go. I will keep you posted. Happy NaNoWriMo!!!!

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