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May 2, 2015

Making him proud…

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So today marks the 5th year he’s been gone…one of my best friends, who I loved enough to say “maybe” when he mentioned is having kids. (those of you who know me, understand how huge that is).
He was the one who made me take action on the claim I have made for as long as I can remember. “I want to be an author.” And he said, “So do it.” And it was EXACTLY the green light of  permission I needed. So many people have said the same thing to me…but maybe 5 years ago, it was the right time to hear it or maybe it was the exact tone of voice, HIS voice…Whatever it was, it finally clicked.
Stop talking about how someday you want to and just do it. FINISH your novels. BE an author. And so I am.
Whatever you Make of It was published in 2011, Arianna’s Honor was published in 2012, Arianna’s Destiny was published in 2014, and Broken Trust will be published in 2015 as will it sequel, Redeeming Trust.
I know he’s watching. I know he’s proud of the teacher I am and the author I am. I know he wants me to find love…and I keep trying and getting closer every time.
It is always amazing to me…the plan that makes people’s paths cross at the EXACT moment they are meant to and it changes EVERYTHING.
Trav…I’m working to get my ducks in a row. Getting closer to that horizon with every step I take.



  1. I miss him too Mitch. Love, Harold

    Comment by Harold Drumm — May 4, 2015 @ 5:14 am | Reply

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