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May 28, 2015


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There’s always a breath of relaxation after I have clicked send. After the novel is released into the world and I know, finally, I can’t change another damn thing or find ONE more excuse.

BOOM — Broken Trust is getting printed and bound and eformatted and all of it is blissfully, beautifully, ABSOLUTELY out of my hands. (It’s interesting…one of the rare moments my control issues are quiet is this one. This one perfect moment of peace)

Broken Trust is done. I can take this one off of my “to be published” pile and per her on my (significantly smaller) DONE pile…I can’t add a scene or delete a scene or fix an error. I can’t change her beginning for a 7th time…any changes now would cost time and money…so Broken Trust exists as she is — her perfect imperfections making her unique and beautiful (as our imperfections make us as well).

Any day now, I will have a box or two of Broken Trust delivered to my doorstep. The UPS man will not know he holds my fourth “child,” will not be aware that he holds my future as he tosses *GASP* my boxes outside my front door (I remember when Arianna’s Destiny was delivered and the UPS man almost dropped one of my boxes and I wanted to lunge at him to protect it, like an amazing volleyball player diving to get the ball…we all know how that would turn out for me…so I stood there calmly and tried to not look like a crazy person (a challenge on my best days).

DONE. What an amazingly powerful word. I should get more things DONE…


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