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August 1, 2015

July Reflection

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July was a strange month and really more stress than 31 days should hold. There has been money stress and people stress and right-knee stress…all wrapped up between my full-time job, writing as much and as often as I can, and editing Redeeming Trust. I am a little “behind” where I wanted to be at the end of this month. I did originally plan to be done with the 2nd draft today,  but I can still get it to where I need to by September…I just need to buckle down and have fewer distractions. (I am not crazy enough to state I can ever be completely distraction free — hi, have we met?)
This month brought closure to 2 novels that had existed with “put story here” placeholders. As with everything I haven’t been able to finish, there was a person I hadn’t met or something I hadn’t experienced yet and this month hit on both stories, so now I can finish Ten×Ten and Back on Track. This will bring Back on Track to 6 books…and yes, 6 is an odd number for me to stop on, but I actually am planning on them being 3 sets of 2, which works quite well with my quirks.
I also made progress toward some of my non-fiction projects which is good since I want to get my name out thereas much as possible.
I wrote 2 children’s stories for some boys who drew me pictures. I put their stories in binders for safekeeping and started thinking about publishing children’s books.
I reconnected with the importance of positive affirmations and blessings. I had lost my way a bit but am on my way back.
All things considered, not too shabby, Sodaro.


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