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November 10, 2015

30 Days of Gratitude: Teaching Jobs

In the 19 years I have taught, I have had jobs at 8 different schools, and I have taught anything and everything that had any kind of writing, any sort of analyzing, critical thinking, research (pretty much the gamut of General Education courses that weren’t math or science).

At every teaching job I have ever had, I have met students and fellow teachers, principals/deans, etc. that have changed my life and more importantly (at least for the purpose of today’s blog), inspired either a plot line or a character for a novel…or were the inspiration for a nonfiction project.

Broken Trust and Redeeming Trust were part of a dream I had one night and might have stayed a dream if not for a conversation with a math teacher friend, Beth. When I told her about Sam, my artist, and Ali, my music store owner, and Ben, my architect (I hadn’t mentally met Vincent at this point…Officer Biceps got added later, thanks to a police officer at another school) she helped me turn that spark into a plot line.

My Back on Track series had reached a stall when a conversation with a former high school student, Stacey, gave me a strong idea for book five and reawakened my passion for the whole series.

Some people I have met will meet their timely demise in three different novels I have started, Black Widow (my serial killing prostitute), Karma, (my vigilante killer), and All-American Diner (all tentative titles).

I have been influenced and inspired by so many of my students and coworkers and have observed and made so many notes on human behavior (what else am I supposed to do when I am standing in front of 25 students?)

A character here or there came from this student or this teacher or this boss…or this innocent crush. And maybe if they read my book, they might recognize themselves…but most likely not.

Every teaching job I have had has in one way or another, shaped my writing…and I am eternally grateful.


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