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March 29, 2016

Progress, pt. 2

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So last week was a busy week with getting PO Box keys and typing the two shiniest words on to Redeeming Trust’s  final page…

I also ordered business cards. They should be here on Thursday!!

(Consequently, these would have come in handy last week when a friend treated me to Starbucks and introduced me as her author friend…an introduction which thrills me from my curly blonde hair to my colorful socks…and if you question that, just call me an author sometime and watch my face light up.)

There is a list on the fridge at home of things I need to get done or pay for or get going on in some fashion. (Those of  you who know me, know how much I love my lists) and it is such a motivator to be able to cross one thing off, then one more thing…and one more thing still.

I’m getting there, friends.


March 28, 2016

Progress, pt. 1

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So last week, I got to type the two most beautiful words on to the screen for Redeeming Trust..RT the end

This morning, I handed a copy to the friend who has graciously offered to edit and I emailed a copy to my reader…who has been more patient with me than I probably deserve.

Now that novel #5 is safely in their hands, I can start to work on the Lucky Charms series…pausing after I get their respective feedback to make any changes necessary and then getting Redeeming Trust formatted and paid for and badda-bing…here’s my book.

I’m making progress…one step at a time.

March 22, 2016


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Yesterday I added a key to my key ring and it started me thinking about how symbolic keys are.

They could be the start of a new life…that new key to a new place to live. A house key. A home. A feeling of belonging and knowing you are in a safe and supportive place where you can just be you…and that’s enough.

They could be the realization of a dream…the key to the vehicle you have always wanted. I know when the nice man at Car Smart handed me my Jeep keys for the first time, I held on to them tightly and contemplated the damage I’d do to anyone who tried to take them from me. Nope. She’s mine. Back away.

They could be the start of a business. A life long dream. A goal.

They could be a symbolic joining of a relationship. Mi casa es su casa (sorry…I took French, so if that is not correct…I think I got it pretty close).

The key I added yesterday is to a box. A PO Box. For author things. And it’s mine. For my author things. I held on to my PO Box key the whole drive home. And also, awkwardly, on the walk I took with my roommates.

To those of you who have been following along…you know this is a step toward my full-time author life. This is a way I can mail out my books and receive fan mail and not have to give out my home address.

This is also the first time I have put down roots. Anywhere. Yes, yes. I know…if I moved, I could get a new PO Box and it’s not that big of a deal, Michelle…but it is. For me…it is a very big deal. I have never wanted to have anything that kept me tied to a particular place. And now I have a PO Box…tiny tiny roots in a place I call home. To me. It’s huge.

March 21, 2016

Off balance

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Well, last week, I think I maybe clocked in 6 hours for my author time…which if it was an actual job-job, I would likely be in more trouble than I have put myself in. I know not to harp on “I could haves” or “I should haves” because like Chad and Jeremy sang, “that was yesterday, and yesterday’s gone”

So I am not going to beat myself up about it. It was a busy work week for my teacher life and because I do need sleep on a fairly regular basis, I didn’t get to be an author enough of the time. And exhaustion was not at all helped by the drastic temperature changes, so I slept…because rest is important, and sometimes outside of my control.

This is a brand new week and I’m going to have the goal to do the best I can, and to do better than last week. Get more balance in my busy busy life and avoid distractions that exist only to make me lose focus. I’m looking forward, not repeating mistakes I have already learned from, not reopening wounds that are best left as scars. Onward and upward. Forward. Forward. Forward. Ever forward.

March 16, 2016


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This morning I tried to put my phone in the work fridge and text someone with my lunch bag. I don’t think the text went through.

As today is Wednesday and assignments are due Tuesday night, it should be a pretty busy day for me, which could make for some interesting grading. Maybe I will try to grade with my lunch bag (and yes, I did take my phone out of the fridge…and then giggled for far too long because now I could make cold calls).

Caffeine will be my constant companion today as will Pandora…and Pandora, if you are listening…I need up-beat music I can dance in my cubicle to, if you don’t mind.

Last night when sleep was supposed to be happening I was thinking about my upcoming writer’s conference, what I have left to do for Redeeming Trust, what I need to do to get started with my Lucky Charms series, what my pen name would be if I had one, as well as any number of other thoughts about projects and things.

Then my right knee would not get comfortable and would twitch…randomly, which upset the kittens who were sleeping. Then I would roll over and there was a weird tapping sound which may have been all in my head as I have never heard it before. It reminded me of “Tell-Tale Heart” though I have killed anyone and hid them under floorboards…at least not recently…


March 14, 2016

Holding myself accountable…

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So, I have found a workout that I can do even with the arthritis in my knee. It is the first workout (in my entire life) that I am actually a bit sad if I miss a day, so that is kind of amazing. My favorite part is I can do the workout with music only and don’t have to hear the incredibly cheerful (if her nonverbals are any indication) person on the DVD.

So far…for Lent, I have not had a single pop. I have had a couple of Hershey Kisses…because they claimed to be carrot cake flavor, and I was doing an experiment as to how that could be possible. Turns out, it’s possible.

I clocked in 17 hours of “Author Time” this week. Even made myself a time card…and yes, there are probably fancier ways to do this…but pen and paper has never failed me. (Not throwing a challenge, Murphey’s Law…stating a fact…). time card

March 9, 2016

Part-time job

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No…I didn’t get another job-job. My full-time teaching job and part-time teaching job keep me satiated, thank you…but I did decide that I am going to treat my author life as a part-time job.

I am going to start “clocking in” and keeping track of my hours at the library in town. I am going to go there every day that I can and put in my time…without the distractions at home…the laundry that never seems to be completely done, the books I need to read (yes, of course there are books in the library, but there is a nice little table in a corner that limits my distractions), the cleaning I need to do, the shows I need to watch for the 100th time, the kittens to snuggle, the roommates to bond with, the space to stare into…

My schedule will have to be a little flexible as my work/life responsibilities ebb and flow, but my goal is to “work” 20 hours at the library each week. And knowing me, I’ll likely give myself some kind of prize if I put in my time because I like rewards and while my primary motivation is intrinsically based, a little extrinsic shiny never hurt anyone.

So far this week, I only have 2.5 hours “clocked in” at the library, but it’s my first week…training and orientation and all that…so it will become a habit and I will get more work done…which is exactly what I need.

March 7, 2016

Lucky Charms

Yesterday morning, as I ate my Lucky Charms cereal, I allowed myself to think about my Lucky Charms series…just briefly…I still have to finish typing Redeeming Trust before I can play with Lucky Charms (and last week I was home only to sleep between work and subbing for finals and such so I didn’t get as much…okay any typing done, if I am being honest).

So I can’t work on Lucky Charms just yet…but I can think about it and come up with a game plan for the series…while I eat my cereal. I mean, they have the same name, so it’s practically impossible to not think of one while I think of the other (I have no statistics to back this up as I have never tried to consciously not think of one while I was enjoying the other — and wouldn’t this be the oddest elephant in the room to intentionally not think of Lucky Charms while I was either eating the cereal or working on the series…I may have gotten off point here.

All three books have been written and typed in the same order: Hat Trick first even though it is last, First Down second even though it is first, and Stealing Second last even though it is second. And if you followed that, you either know me well or are a fellow writer or other creative sort.

I have loved these characters for a couple of years now and am so excited to get to work on them for the world to love them as well. First thing, I have to read through each of them and make notes on what happened when…and then I will start the editing process of First Down which will be much easier than the edit of either Broken Trust or Redeeming Trust because I knew more about the whole book writing process when I started writing this trio. Every book I work on, the process gets more seamless. Now if only every other part of my life could be seamless…but then what would I do? Oh, yeah…I would write more books.

March 4, 2016

Put it out there, part two

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So next month I am sending Whatever you Make of It and Broken Trust out into the world, as I mentioned in my previous blog.

Next month I am also putting myself out there as well as my fictional children. I am attending a writer’s conference…with other writers…where we will talk about writing…with writers…who write…

There is also a 10-minute one-on-one I get to have with an editor or agent from a publishing house, where I get to plug myself and my novels and get feedback.

And I get time off from being a teacher. Just a bit of a reprieve from the teacher hat. No Ms. Sodaro at that conference, no sir. It’s Michelle. Michelle Sodaro.

I get time in my Jeep.
I get to be in a hotel.

All. By. Myself.

Next month I am taking two leaps of faith into my author life.


March 3, 2016

Putting it out there, pt. 1

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So a month from now I am sending two of my novels out into the world with no adult supervision. I am entering them into a Self-Published novel competition. It’s time. They are ready. ME? Not so much. But yeah, I mean, of course I’m ready, right?


How do parents do this? How do parents send their kids off on the school bus? On a field trip? On a date? Off to college?

Do you follow the bus to make sure it is safe?

Do you become a stalker at the museum?

Do you sit with them awkwardly at dinner to see if the date is going well?

Do you follow them to classes to make sure the professors see their brilliance?

How do parents do this? Do they drink heavily? Take pills? Get blitzed?

How do they just let their kids go out into the world? How can they just let go?

Well if they can do it with tiny humans, surely I can do it with my fictional children.




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