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March 16, 2016


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This morning I tried to put my phone in the work fridge and text someone with my lunch bag. I don’t think the text went through.

As today is Wednesday and assignments are due Tuesday night, it should be a pretty busy day for me, which could make for some interesting grading. Maybe I will try to grade with my lunch bag (and yes, I did take my phone out of the fridge…and then giggled for far too long because now I could make cold calls).

Caffeine will be my constant companion today as will Pandora…and Pandora, if you are listening…I need up-beat music I can dance in my cubicle to, if you don’t mind.

Last night when sleep was supposed to be happening I was thinking about my upcoming writer’s conference, what I have left to do for Redeeming Trust, what I need to do to get started with my Lucky Charms series, what my pen name would be if I had one, as well as any number of other thoughts about projects and things.

Then my right knee would not get comfortable and would twitch…randomly, which upset the kittens who were sleeping. Then I would roll over and there was a weird tapping sound which may have been all in my head as I have never heard it before. It reminded me of “Tell-Tale Heart” though I have killed anyone and hid them under floorboards…at least not recently…



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