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April 29, 2016

A-Z Blog: Yolen

Filed under: Writer's thoughts — michelle sodaro @ 11:55 am

“Write every day. You don’t have to write about anything specific, but you should exercise your writing muscle constantly.” Jane Yolen

How do people train to run a marathon? Okay, obviously, I have no practical knowledge of this as I don’t run (which was funny…when the doc told me I have osteo-arthritis in my right knee, he said, totally straight-faced “you should not run as exercise” and I said, “well, I haven’t done so for 40 years now, so…”) but I imagine that people train for a marathon by running…a lot…like daily…and build up their endurance. Right?

It’s amazing how many times I read, hear, get the same advice when it comes to writing. Write every day. Not when you feel like it. Not when you are inspired. Not when you *gasp* have nothing better to do or nothing is on TV…Write every day. For whatever time you have available that day…use it…take your notebook or your laptop with you and write every day.


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