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June 8, 2016

30 Days of Blogs: Author things – my brain

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I love the way my brain works. Take for example, the ride into work today…

I saw a family of geese. There were grown up geese and baby geese and what I can only assume by their scruffy appearance, teenage geese. I immediately imagined the baby geese telling everyone to slow down and wait for them. “I have tiny legs.” The teenage geese wondering why they couldn’t go to the park when all their geese friends were going to the park. And the adult geese looking for some magical puddle of alcohol. This all happily played out in my head while I stopped at a stop sign.

People who say “I want to be a writer, but I don’t know what to write about” really make me  confused. Like I could say “I want to be a ballerina, but I fall down when I am walking in tennis shoes.” I have ideas about my ideas…and then I have some ideas about those. In four lifetimes I could never write about all of my ideas…because I get a new idea at a stop sign with some geese…or an abandoned rose in a parking lot. Or an overheard conversation “I’ve ridden around in the trunks of cars. I don’t like it.” (Perkins 26 Dec 2014).

It’s an odd and fascinating place inside my head…and it is absolutely one of my favorite things. There is so much to play with and so many ideas that will grow into a poem or a novel or an essay or a short story…and the ideas just bounce off each other and sometimes multiply…and it is absolutely amazing.

A downfall of this is that I often can’t find my keys…which then of course leads to a story about tiny imps who steal things and the amazing treasure troves they have collected over the years…and a young girl happens upon their lair…



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