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June 29, 2016

30 days of blogs: Author things –Smiling

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I have been told I have a great smile. I think all genuine smiles are great smiles because they express joy and positive energy.

Things that make me smile…a real smile, not a “I have to smile so I don’t punch you, smile” are… **this list is not all-inclusive…really just 30 things that came to mind first…if I really listed EVERYTHING that makes me smile, we would be here for a minute…I’m a pretty happy person>

**Being introduced as an author. “This is my friend, Michelle Sodaro. She’s an author.”

**Talking about writing.

**Thinking about writing.

**Writing about writing.

**Writing about anything at all or nothing at all.

**People excited about my books coming out. (CLICKING SEND ON REDEEMING TRUST ON 1 JULY!!!!)

**People talking to my characters as if they are real.

**Tiny humans giggling. (Really the only tiny human sound that doesn’t make me twitchy.)

**New pens.

**New notebooks.

**New story ideas.


**Kittens. Mine. Yours. Really all kittens.

**Making future plans.

**Really good first dates.

**Reading books.

**Listening to music.

**Talking to people.

**Not talking to people.


**Friends that are my kind of weirdos.

**Ice cream.

**Those rare days I wake up not in pain.

**Typing THE END on a project.


**Barq’s root beer.


**Long Slow Kisses.

**Random conversations with friends.






  1. WARNING: Someone hacked into your account and inserted “Barq’s root beer” in your list.

    Comment by davidgscott99 — June 30, 2016 @ 4:58 am | Reply

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