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July 29, 2016

Ink Therapy

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So normally I am talking about pen to paper time when I talk about ink therapy, but today, it is all about celebrating the fact that my 5th book is out.

Five years ago when I published Whatever You Make of It, I started this tattoo on my right shoulder blade to represent my first five books. I intentionally only had the bottom one filled in because I didn’t want to A) jinx it that I would never publish another book or B) publish them in a different order than they were on my back (and my OCD could not have handled that permanent reminder). Arianna’s Honor was next, as was always the game plan, but then Arianna’s Destiny cut in line to be my 3rd book published and this would have most definitely not have been the order I imagined at the time of getting the tattoo.

Last year, I took Arianna’s Honor and Arianna’s Destiny  to get the 2nd and 3rd books filled in.

Friday I took the beautiful Broken Trust and Redeeming Trust in to my favorite tattoo artist to get the tattoo I started five years ago one step closer to finished. The books are colored in and then titles may be added later.

This is exciting for a couple reasons: A)It means I have five books out (YAY!!! GO ME!!)  and B) My tattoo is almost FINISHED and I do like to finish things, as many of you may know.tatt of booksAs it first existed.

As it exists now. 

July 28, 2016

600th Blog

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I started my blog in July 2011…well, this blog. I did have another thing (that started with or had a ‘z’ in it, maybe?) “back in the day” (side note, I do giggle a bit when people who are two decades or more younger than me, use this expression).

July 2011. Two months after my world turned upside down…well for my 30’s at least. It happened once in my 20’s, once in my teens –though teen years tend to be rather topsy turvy, there is one event that changed everything, just as there was one event in my single digits that had lifelong effects. So far in my 40’s my whole world did turn upside down last year, but as that was my first year in this decade, I don’t know yet if that was THE defining moment or merely A defining moment.

And now, here I am — 5 years and 599 blogs later and I am reminded of the Virginia Slims tag line — “You’ve come a long way, baby.” Yes. Yes, I have have and thank you for noticing.

I have 5 books out. By the end of next year, I will have doubled that number.

I have lost friends and family and gained people I now cannot imagine my life without. I have felt loss and love and betrayal and support. Through it all I am constantly humbled by and in awe of the people who lift me up and believe in my future without question or hesitancy.

I am excited to see where I am in 100, 200, 400 more blogs. Here’s to the journey.

July 25, 2016

Doing better at this author thing

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I have been doing a lot of thinking of where I was both physically and “authorily” a year ago compared to where I am now. (Without a doubt, I am in all ways measurable in a better place now).

The advancements I have made as an author are really the most tangible (and those steps I have taken are the direct result of all that has happened in the past year.)

I now have my 5th book out. Redeeming Trust  was originally promised out last September, but I had some people to meet and experiences to go through before she was truly ready for her close up to the world.

I have my three-book series, Lucky Charms, on deck (pun intended). The game plans is October for First Down, December for Stealing Second, and March for Hat Trick.

I now have a Post Office box. I have, for the first time in my life, some actual roots to a city. Baby steps, I know, but I finally feel at home somewhere.

I have started the initial planning for my 2nd book signing. Details to follow.

I am restocking the shelves of my various novels. Turns out, it is harder to sell them if I don’t have any on-hand.

As much as I have enjoyed my full-time teaching career, I am actually making some plans to be able to see an end in sight (525) to be an author full-time.

Yeah, I am in a much better place in every aspect of my life and looking forward to where I will be another year from now.

July 19, 2016

And baby makes five

In 2011, I published my first book. Whatever you Make of It changed my life forever. When I held that paperback in my hand, I knew the ultimate answer to the question “what do you want to be when you grow up?”

Then I published Arianna’s Honor and though it wasn’t her turn, Arianna’s Destiny insisted on being published next. It’s hard to argue with a girl who wields a sword that well.

Broken Trust  was next and Ali and Sam came into the world. Now that sequel, Redeeming Trust, is out and I couldn’t be more excited. She’s beautiful, and holding that paperback, the answer is still the same. What do I want to be when I grow up? An author. Full-time. Forever and ever.

July 13, 2016

Pieces and Parts

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So sometime in my younger time (younger time being any time before now) that was the joke about McDonald’s chicken McNuggets…that they were “pieces and parts” of chicken (it may be true, I have no knowledge one way or the other)…that is just what I thought of with my blog title.

I mentioned on Monday that I put too much on my to-do list and that it is easy for me to get overwhelmed. This is absolute truth. I was thinking last week of the things I want to get done this year (2 more books out, NaNo, blogs, etc.etc.etc.) and I started to feel like a better idea was to rock myself quietly in a corner somewhere.

So over the weekend, I took the HUGE things (getting two more novels out and NaNo) and broke them down into pieces and parts. I don’t have to get EVERYTHING done in July…but I do have to get SOME things done in July so that I can get SOME things done in August, etc. etc.etc.

So now I have a month-by-month list further broken down to week-by-week and this has made a world of difference in my anxiety level. What do ya know…Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott wins again.

Get things done, Sodaro.




July 11, 2016

to-do lists

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Sometimes I over plan my to-do lists…and by “sometimes” I mean daily. I always put more on the list than I could possibly accomplish in a 24-hour  period. I do this on days when I have to be at work and I do this on days where I work from home and it used to drive my OCD tendencies crazy to not finish every single thing on my list. I haven’t gotten rid of all of my OCD tendencies (I will likely NEVER be okay with a messy white board and will likely always still grab 5 cookies instead of 2 cookies…the former because it’s just messy and distracting and the latter because…cookies.)
Now I am okay with unfinished tasks on my to-do list. I consider them more of guidelines than hard fast tasks. I have a lot I want to get done and to-do lists keep me focused.
I have my work tasks on my to-do lists even though they don’t change from week to week…Mondays are always the same, so are Tuesdays and Wednesdays, etc. etc. etc. And as much as I love the predictability and routine (I tell myself I love it weekly)…I know something will slip through the cracks with the auto-pilot that occurs with cycle, rinse, routine tasks.
I have my health tasks on my list. I am working out almost every day. I am drinking more water. I am working on it. The list reminds me to get it done.
The majority of my to-do list (and if you know me at all, this should not be a surprise) is my author life tasks. And yes, the same projects are on the to-do list each day because if I just said “Write a Chapter” or “Edit something” then I would (once again) have ALL my projects out of the toy box, which is fun, of course, and keeps me entertained, is not conducive to finishing things. And right now I really need to finish more things or else everything will fall apart. I don’t have time for things to fall apart right now. It’s not on the to-do list.

July 5, 2016

It’s awfully Monday for a Tuesday

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So I love holidays (though 4th of July is kind of a love/hate since the animals I live with are not happy at all with the 4 days of constant celebration). Love days where I don’t have to log in and can just be free from the full-time teaching responsibilities for a bit. And then the day after the holiday happens and I don’t know what day it is.

So this morning, I got to work…my new schedule that I blogged about where I come in later to be able to write in the morning…I forgot to pack my lunch last night…forgot to bring anything for lunch today…forgot my cup for my oatmeal…forgot my utensils (no, my OCD hasn’t gotten worse, my work bought different spoons and they bend in my yogurt, so I brought my own). So not the best start to my work day.

But I wrote for almost two hours…so I am totally still calling it a win. I got up, did my workout, and was writing at my beautiful blue desk and having a wonderful time of it. I will keep this schedule as long as I possibly can to get my workout and my writing in first thing. Then I am more productive (if a little bit hungry) while I am here and it will all work out just fine.


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