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August 25, 2016

Revisiting: Broken Trust

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Broken Trust Final

Continuing on my Throwback Thursday…my 4th fictional child. She came out last year and her sequel, Redeeming Trust is now out as well. This story started as a dream. It grew into two novels through a conversation over French fries. From the start, I pictured the talented and awkward Sam, and of course I pictured the colorful and full of life, Ali. I pictured Ben, though his picture became more clear later on…mostly…for me, this story was always about two best friends. After all, where would any of us be without our best friends.

Sam is an artist (her painting is depicted on the beautiful covers for both Broken Trust and Redeeming Trust, both designed by the Amazing Amanda Fugate). She uses her art to deal with all that has happened in her. This introduces her to Ben, an architect who is so focused on his future plans, he almost misses out on an amazing opportunity to have more than he’s every dreamed of. And Ali…Ali (Ben’s sister) owns a music store and wants to avoid love for as long as she possibly can. The three of them, in each other, find friendships and love that improve all of their lives and make them all stronger.


August 23, 2016

Project Quilt

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project quilt

SO a few years ago, I had all my “current” projects up on my wall…and it reminded me that I needed to quit playing World of Warcraft and get to work on these projects. After a few moves and updates to the project list, it is finally back on my wall where it belongs. That’s a lot of color in one picture…it is even more so in real life 😀 But I was careful to not have the pink paper visible on the pink paint or the green paper visible on the green paint. That and not having the same color side by side or directly on top or bottom…was all I allowed my OCD to have a say in this. There was no real order to the projects. I didn’t do alphabetical or color coded…See…I am making progress on controlling my OCD…but not to the point that I obsess about it (see what I did there 😉 haha)

45…there are 45 of them on my wall. In order to be seen as “current” they have to have at least an outline or at least 3 chapters written. Yes, I know this is too many toys to have out of the toy box at one time. I’m working on having more focus and actually finishing things. Turns out I really get a kick out of holding the finished products all shiny in their covers. SO I am working on finishing more things…which will then of course leave room on my wall for new posters and new ideas that have not yet met the self-imposed “current” criteria.


August 18, 2016

Revisiting: Arianna’s Destiny

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Continuing my Throwback Thursday bit…my third book (first sequel). Sodaro_AriannaDestiny_EBOOKsizeReq (1)Arianna was supposed to wait her turn in line. Arianna’s Honor came out in 2012 and then there were other books that were ‘next.’ But then my girl, Ari, was rather insistent that her sequel be next. The characters in my other novels happily stepped aside to let her pass. I am pretty sure it was not her sword that motivated them to let her cut in line, though I am sure her sword and her skill with said sword did cross their fictional minds. But whatever the reason, Arianna’s Destiny became my 3rd published book. Her birth date was 2014 (and yes that gap will bother me forever…I have a 2011, a 2012, a 2014, and a 2015…so far I have one 2016…but will have two more before year’s end, so maybe then the gap won’t matter to me as much).

Arianna’s sequel was hard to write. I wanted to do her justice. She was this amazing epitome of strength. She was loyal to a fault; if you are among her friends and family, there is nothing she won’t do to protect you, usually without regard to her personal health. She is a fighter and she spends a lot of time in an emotional state that is not my comfort zone. But she draws strength from her anger, so I channeled it for her. I understand anger, I just don’t live there for the damage it does. But for Ari…I will channel it.

There have been inklings for a third one…I have started hearing my muse plotting…but not for a bit yet. Ari needs to rest and heal and the other books have been patient long enough. But soon…I will revisit my girl, Ari.

August 16, 2016

The Best of Me

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The first time I heard “Best of You” by the Foo Fighters, I was enthralled by the lyrics…I immediately watched it on You Tube and couldn’t stop watching Dave Grohl (who is amazing…just amazing). There is so much emotion on his face as he sings this song. I don’t know who/what it was written for…and just like I don’t care about the inspiration behind my favorite painting, Starry Night, I don’t care why this song was written…but every time I hear it it makes me realize…no one has ever gotten the best of me.

No one has ever gotten all of me. Some have come close. Some think they have gotten the best of me…some think they have known all of me. They haven’t…not really. They have gotten what I allowed them to have…they have known what I allowed them to know. My students think they know me…they know what I show them. My coworkers…my family…even most of my friends.

The best of me…the whole of me…is in my writing. There I am completely free. I have no masks. I have nothing hidden. There is just me and the blank page. My soul is there. The core of me. The darkness. The light. The fear. The hope. My faith. My doubts. My crazy. My sanity. All of that is revealed when I write…and every time I hear that song, I think about that. I like to think that one day there will be someone who does get the best of me…

August 11, 2016

Revisiting Arianna’s Honor

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So, doing a Throw Back Thursday again, with my second book, Arianna’s Honor.

Ari 1

Arianna is my favorite. I know. I know…I am supposed to love them all the same. I have heard parents say the same thing. I have said the same thing as a teacher…but Ari is my favorite. With everything she has been through, everything she has become…she is my hero. When I am tired, she reminds me to keep fighting. Her fights were more of the physical, sword-wielding type where as mine tend to be more spiritual/emotional (though on a very small level, it pushes me harder to work out regardless of my knee pain.), and she reminds me to push harder, keep going.

August 4, 2016

Revisiting Whatever you Make of It

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So in honor of Throwback Thursday, I thought I would revisit my first “born,” Whatever you make of It. (Published 2011 and available on

I was so clueless about so many things with this one. Fumbling and worrying at every stage…all part of the new parent package, or so I am told.

So Whatever you Make of It is the story of Jac and Jyn (or Johnathon and Rebecca, depending on your viewpoint). Jac and Jyn live in a book, but they don’t know this until they hear Johnathon’s voice.

Johnathon is obsessed with making partner at his law firm, no matter the cost. His relationship with his girlfriend is strained; his relationship with his parents, almost non-existent. He starts to read a book willed to him by his grandma and as he speaks his thoughts out loud, he struggles with the idea that the characters can not only hear him, but can talk to him as well.

As the book progresses, Johnathon learns a bit from Jac and Jyn…and they, in turn, learn a thing or two from him as well.

This book was so much fun to write. Who hasn’t read a book and wished they could talk to the characters?


August 1, 2016

Doing better as an author pt 2.

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So in an effort to grow my author life…I have faced some fears and broken out of my comfort zone.

I have entered my novels and a short story into competitions. It’s scary, to put your children out into the world…knowing all that can happen out there. But they can’t live in my closet forever. The world deserves to meet Sam and Ali and Jac and Jyn. My fictional “kids” have been ready for years…and it’s time for me to let them out to play with people outside my head and my amazing support system.It’s time.

I have been to my first writer’s conference and have been among my “people” breathing in the inspiration and energy. For 4 days I introduced myself as an author…and because I was among other authors, there wasn’t the follow-up “but what do you do for money” because we all knew the goal was to make money with the books.

I have a PO Box to have more professional relationship with my readers.

I have a separate writing account used only to fund my dreams.

I also have note cards that advertise publication of my next 5 novels. Between now and 12/31/17 I will double that number of publication credits.

Slowly but surely, I am building my empire. Some people don’t believe I will accomplish my goals…but one day I will be waving to them…from my island.




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