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September 30, 2016

Looking back on September

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What a busy month. WOW….30 days? Really? There were only 30 days this month? Can I have a recount? Or a nap?

I ordered copies of all of my books so that I have them in stock at all time. Found out it is easier to sell them if I have them on hand. Weird, right?

I had my 2nd book signing, which was a success. I have some new readers who will hopefully become fans.

I have had some rejections from agents which makes me sad for a minute that they didn’t love my pretty books…and then I dust myself off and strengthen my resolve. I WILL make a living as an author…and I will get to where I want to go. Promise you that. It is a WHEN, not an IF.

I also got to experience something new this month. A friend was getting married and needed someone to perform the ceremony. I got ordained and was able to help her and her husband out…which was an amazing and humbling feeling and I felt honored to be a part of their special day. Beautiful

It was quite a month after all.




September 27, 2016

Happy birthday, Trav

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I remember the year I lost you and your birthday snuck up on me…I had been trying to stay super extra busy so it didn’t hurt to breathe without you. And Facebook, in its helpful way, told me to celebrate with you and honestly I would have given anything to do just that. 

I have five books now. You srarted that. You gave me the wings I needed to be the author I always said I wanted to be. And look, five books out and plans for however many more. I like to think you are proud of me. I know you would be. 

I miss you. I also feel you every day. 

Happy birthday!!!!

September 26, 2016

Coming off of a high

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In my 41 years on this planet, I have never been chemically “high” and can count the number of times I would consider myself “drunk” on one hand…so I have no actual basis of comparison for this. I wanted to start with that disclaimer.

Friday 16 September, I had my 2nd book signing…and it was amazing. A day…all about me and my beautiful books. I got my curls “fixed” (as much as the fantastic mess on my head can be called “fixed”) and wore make up and dressed up and got to celebrate my books with friends and fans. I have some new readers, which is always fun as the hope is that they like what they see and come back for more. I was without a doubt…high as a kite and probably rather obnoxious to be around…more so than usual.

Then my book signing was over and I was putting my books back into my office closet and I came down from the high…I spend an entire Sunday watching Netflix. I didn’t even pick up a pen. those of you who know me…know how huge that is. And normally when I am watching TV, I am multitasking…writing, working on notes, editing, etc. I never just “sit” and watch shows. but I did, for a whole day (until it was time to log in for grading). I felt tired and listless (and again those of you who know me, if you will pardon the pun, I am always list FULL). I just didn’t feel like doing anything at all…and my future as a full-time author felt so far away…too far away to ever get here. And reality seemed just too much to deal with…

Throughout the week, I got my bounce back…worked on First Down and Stealing Second…and started fearlessly pursuing my author life again…but for a day…I didn’t care about anything and didn’t DO a damn thing.

September 15, 2016

Pre-game jitters

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So when I taught face to face classes, I would get this antsy, butterflies all over, bouncy insides before the start of EVERY class. Yes. 19 years later and I still get nervous before facing a crowd for the first time. Will anyone show up? Will there be at least one person who talks to me? Will someone at least pretend to laugh at one of my jokes? Humor me, people…it makes both our lives easier.

Where I teach now, it’s all online, so that is nice…there is less pressure to be humorous, I don’t have to worry that my pretty yet messy curls look like something out of a Dr. Seuss book. And since we have starts almost every week, there isn’t really time for the pre-game jitters.

Tomorrow is my 2nd official book signing. And the pre-game jitters are out in full force. What if no one shows up? Well, I am bringing two people with me and I am really good friends with the owner of the store, so there will be at least four people there, myself included. And I’m bringing a card game. So we will still be entertained if we are the only ones there. (Murphey’s Law, right? IF I bring cards, there will be no time to play, but if I don’t bring them, there will be all kinds of down time).

I am going to get my hair done for the event…well…”done” is my wonderful hair girl making my curls pop and *hopefully* all facing relatively the same direction.

It’s going to be a good time. People will be there. It will all work out.You’ll see…and worse case scenario? There is a Side Pockets right down the strip mall from my friend’s shop…and they have Jack to comfort me if he’s needed. Which he won’t be…because it will be fine…but just in case. I’m covered.

September 1, 2016

Book Signing


I am having a book signing on 16 September from 7-9pm at Bead Boutique (508 NW Englewood Rd Kansas City, MO 64118).

I will be selling copies of these five beautiful books and will be more than happy to autograph them.

In 2011, someone I love said to me “you have wanted to be an author since I met you…so do it. BE an author.” And that set this all in motion. He is gone now…but there is not a day I don’t feel him with me as I write. I know he is celebrating with me and watching over me at all times.

It is so surreal to think that I published my first book in 2011. Looking at what I knew then compared to what I know now and I am amazed at how much personal growth can occur in a 5-year time span.

These books have changed my life. The writing of them…the editing of them…the publishing of them. Every time I see my name on the beautiful covers, I smile. They are the starting gate to my future…and by the end of next year, my stack of books will be doubled. (First Down will be out in October 2016, Stealing Second in December 2016, Hat Trick in March 2017 and then Driven West in June of 2017 and Dear Teaching: I want a Divorce in December 2017).

Please come out to my book signing if you can make it. I would love to see you there.

*Cash or debit/credit cards accepted*


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