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September 16, 2017

And then there were four…

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So my friend and I were at lunch a while back and she said she wasn’t ready for Lucky Charms to be over yet. I could totally empathize with her, I love this group of characters too. I have held them in my head, getting to know them and letting the world know about them little by little. Everyone loves Lilly…and how could you not. I have never wanted kids of my own (20 years of teaching and I feel like I have hundreds of kids)…of course if I could have a Lilly, then how could I resist that?? I find myself wanting to put a quarter in a jar every time I swear. So, of course, I understood not being ready to say goodbye.

But I have paired all the athletes up.

But JD? What about JD? Doesn’t he deserve a story?

Well hell…without JD, the series wouldn’t have even started. He was the Super Fan I saw at that Mavericks game so many years ago. He was up and dancing and getting the crowd pumped up…and I knew he was JD…and then he “introduced” me to Josh and Dillon…and once I met Lilly, I knew I had to write these books. He also told me about Chris and Stacey, and Ty and, of course, he introduced me to his sister, Mackenzie. He started the whole thing…so how could he not have his own Lucky Charms story?

So a 4th book was born. Quarter-Finals will be written this November and published next year. It’s only fair, after all.


September 14, 2017

Hat Trick

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Hat_Trick_Cover_for_Kindle The third book in the Lucky Charms series is now available on Amazon in both paperback and Kindle formats.

Ty Cole plays for the Kansas City Mavericks and watched his two best friends, Josh Matthews and Chris Jasper, find their Lucky Charms in Dillon and Stacey, respectively, and he couldn’t be happier for them. As far as having a woman in his life, he is pretty sure they are all crazy or something about him makes them insane, so he is just going to keep it safe and avoid the fairer sex.

Dr. Mackenzie Wilson lost her job and her fiancé in one swoop and is just trying to put her life back together. She gets a job as the doctor for the Mavericks (thanks to her SUPER FAN brother, JD) and finds herself falling (both literally and figuratively) for Ty Cole.

Will she be his Lucky Charm and help the team win the Kelly Cup?

From the time this novel started until now, both the arena and the name of the team changed, so I figured I should get this one out before they changed anything else.

September 12, 2017


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I decided while I was finishing Hat Trick, that I would add a new ritual to my book writing process. A sort of cleansing of the mental palate, if you will. There is such an amazing feeling once I send a book off to print and release it out into the wild. With my first couple of books, there was a panic…what if I clicked send too early? What if she wasn’t really ready? How do I un-send (a wish I have also had with more than my share of text messages as well)?

Now I know that there is no perfect draft, no perfect anything, really, which takes a lot of pressure off. I am excited to have people meet characters and get stories which previous to my clicking send, only existed in my mind.

My new cleansing ritual is after I click send, I am going to go to a hotel for a couple of nights. Pack away the novel I just sent out into the world and unpack the next novel I am working on…so in this case, I packed away Hat Trick (not too far into the mental attic though, November will be here soon and book four in the Lucky Charms series will be my NaNo for 2017).  I unpacked Driven West and started the process of adding to the draft. At current, she is weighing in at a little over 57,000 words (thank you, NaNo 2014), so I have some work to do.  Since Driven West is my first mystery, I also have some misdirection and sneaky-sneakyisms to add.

The retreat was refreshing and just what I needed to clear my mind of book #8 and start planning book #9. I also used the time to do some planning for NaNo 2017 (50k words in 30 days doesn’t happen without some serious planning). I also made a game plan for the rest of 2017 as there are (only *gasp*) 16 weeks left of the year. It was a great ritual and one I will continue at the completion of each book!

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