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February 26, 2018

Pause Button

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Okay, I know why I don’t get one…and that if I had one, everyone should get to have one, and then where would we be…in some constant state of pause either from our own button or someone else’s. Every horrible and not so horrible (though still mind-twisting) time travel novel and movie comes into mind and I know the end result would be horrible. Imagine you are in the middle of a conversation…or other activity…and they push pause. Um…hello?? I’ll just see myself out, then.

I also know why I don’t get one…with as little self control as I have with ice cream, I think we all know I would over use my pause button…didn’t get enough sleep…PAUSE…didn’t understand what someone said; need another minute to process…PAUSE…didn’t rehearse my food order (even though I always get the same thing)…PAUSE…and of course, right now, with work to do for both jobs and work to do for Driven West…PAUSE…PAUSE… PAUSE…


February 19, 2018


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So, I have never had tiny humans of my own, but I have had many many many fictional characters who I created (who all came into existence without any bodily fluids or screaming) and names are…well sometimes they are the hardest part of a novel. Just kidding, but it does come in close sometimes.

In Arianna’s Honor, the prince changed his name four times. Four. Arianna started off by introducing herself. “Hello, dear author. I am Arianna Collins. This is my sword…and this is Prince Whatshisname who you are going to make me keep alive.”

In my other books, Ali was always Ali, Sam was always Sam. Dillon for a while was something else for a while and her daughter, before announcing she was Lilly and telling me I was silly, was Jamie. The other characters have kept their names for the entirety of the series, for which I am extremely grateful because keeping track of that crew was chore enough.

The novel I am revising now was my NaNo in 2014, so three years ago. The names of the characters have been set in my mind for three and a half years…well, the female protagonist had to convince me her name was Madison, but I am pretty comfortable with it now. Ironically, one of the key character’s names is the name of a friend I made in May of last year (and her uncle’s name is the same as her fictional brother’s name…weird). My male protagonist’s name, I had no connection to one way or another, but it fit him…and now I know someone with his name and I can’t say I am a fan of this person at all…but I do like my fictional person quite well…so the name stays if I can make it through…

Naming people is tough business…I give parents kudos…well, the ones who think it through…the ones who don’t think it through, I hope they are setting aside money for their kid’s therapy sessions. After 20 years of teaching, there are some names I will never ever use. After however many years of dating, the same applies…or at least I will be very careful which novels those names appear in…both categories may come in handy when I write one of my serial killer novels.

February 6, 2018

DeJa Vu

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So around this part of the last novel…and the one before that…and the one before that…etc. I get to a point where I hit a wall…sometimes I hit the wall at full speed and sometimes, like this time, I run into the wall in slow motion. It’s always there…this wall, and it stops me every time.

Next month I will have my 10th book out. (Even hitting the wall, that is still my goal). 10. Double digits. Wow…that’s pretty crazy. And this wall has happened every single time,(well, to be honest, even more than 10 times…I have 6 first drafts that are just sitting at the wall waiting for me to pick them up and finish them.) every time I get near the ending.

I know the endings. I know the chapter that comes right before THE END. I have known it for a while now…and the story leading up to that chapter is solid…with the exception of about 5-8 chapters…those 5-8 chapters are the problem each and every time, each and every novel. With this novel being my first mystery, those 5-8 chapters are even more crucial because I have to make sure I am leading people down a path for the whodunit, and then I have to make sure the actual whodunit makes sense when it’s all said and done.  My goal…every mystery’s goal, I would imagine, is to have the reader so sure they have it figured out and then when it’s revealed, for them to go back and read the novel to see what they missed.

I know I what I need to do. I need to do the same thing I’ve done to finish my other novels. I need to focus on other things for a bit…play with other projects, and let these 5-8 chapters work themselves out in my subconscious. It has worked every time. It will work this time. This deja vu is all part of the process…albeit not my favorite part.

February 1, 2018


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Every night, when I do my workout, I text a couple of my friends to tell them what I accomplished in that workout and they cheer me on as friends do. Also, those nights where my spirit is willing, but my knees say no, they show me grace and remind me to do the same. For the first time in my life, there have been times where my body was ready for the workout but my soul was exhausted…for which, given my hectic schedule, I need rest more than I can fight.

I am grateful for my friends who hold me accountable. They keep me motivated and I have started to see slight changes in how my clothing fits, which is also a cheerleader I have never known before.

I sent out a newsletter a couple of weeks ago and in it I said that Driven West was coming out in March. And it will…the cover is coming along, and I am playing with the words at a rate consistent with getting it done. And it was going great…and then I woke up this morning and it was February…January, February, March…hmmm…suddenly I woke up and March is NEXT month…goodness.

But I put the dates for each of my books in my newsletter for accountability. Hold me to it, friends.

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