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November 19, 2017

Day 19 of Gratitude: Change

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So I think I have a fear of a stagnant life…one where there is no change, no growth. A life where everything is the same…and nothing challenges me and I get…shudder…bored. I can’t think of a scarier word actually.

This year, I have quit a career, started writing a non-fiction book and a mystery, and moved. All of these things were out of my comfort zone. I taught poetry to tiny humans. I started swimming. I decorated a pumpkin. Again…all outside of my comfort zone. And I have loved every single bit of change I have brought into my life. I didn’t do them without fear. I did them in spite of my fear…because change is beautiful.

I don’t want to just go through the motions in my life. I don’t want to settle. I don’t want things to just be fine…I want to live my life out loud. I want to feel. I want to live. I want to date. I want to fall in love again. I want to be free. Comfort zones are deceptively cozy…and before you know it, you are in a cage…trapped.

I won’t be caged. I won’t be trapped. I won’t have the same life replaying over and over again.


May 5, 2017

Career — Author

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Wow…okay…this is getting real. The first items on my to-do list this morning are to update my profession on Linked In, Facebook, and to revamp my resume. I need to put end dates on my teaching career (and I need to do this mentally as well as on my resume, as I keep thinking I have to be at school next week).  There are people who keep hoping it is just over for now, not forever…and I don’t know how to answer that. All I know is that right now I am considering it a permanent change.

I was a teacher.

I am an author.

I gave teaching 20 years of my life (not counting the schooling to get there).

I want to give my author career more than 20 years…I certainly have more than enough projects to accomplish that goal.

Hello New Career!


December 29, 2015

The more “me” ME

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“Sometimes you wanna go where everybody knows your name. And they’re always glad you came.” Cheers theme song
Sometimes it is so comforting to go where everyone knows you. They have already accepted your quirks and seem to like you anyway. There is a level of coziness with people and places you have known your whole life. And what you sometimes don’t realize is that with that comfort, it is hard to grow into what you could become. When you are around people who have known you for years, every time you are around them, it is like a time portal swoops you back to who you were when you met them. Everyone says this “it was like nothing had changed.”
The problem being of course that everything has…EVERYTHING has changed. I am not the person I was at the beginning of this year or 2 years ago or 5 years ago or 19 years ago. Every experience I have had and every person I have gotten to know has shaped me into who I am and I am not the person I was when I experienced those things or met those people. I wonder if that me would even recognize the me that exists today.
My 40th year on this planet has brought intense change to how I see myself, how I live my life, and what/who I keep in my life It has made me into a more aware person, a stronger person, author, and teacher. It has also erased some of the lines between my roles as Ms. Sodaro, teacher and Michelle Sodaro, author/person/female. I am as close as possible to having Ms. Sodaro and Michelle being the same person as I have ever been, and as much as is possible (this will make more sense to some of you than others, those who have gotten to know me as Ms. Sodaro and also Michelle).
I am about 95% mask free with that last 5% sticking around when I want/need to write and have do to do other things…trust me, that 95% mask free is a huge step for me as I used to have to wear the damn thing about  75% of the time because of people I was around not being comfortable with the real me. Being my true self this much of the time is pretty amazing, not gonna lie…and truth be told, (which is all I do now) I have missed ME!!!
My writing is stronger, more honest, and just all around better. It’s amazing what comes out when you are no longer afraid.
I am smiling more…smiling for real…not a fake “everything is fine” smile…but the real deal.
I am embracing my author life. I am embracing the love that remains for my teacher life as well and I am finding ways to have balance between the two in time as well as energy.
So it’s a new ball game, folks. Should be an interesting ride.

January 4, 2013

200th Blog

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So I wanted my 200th blog to be my first posting of 2013 because I feel like both deserve a little bit of celebrating! 200 is a nice OCD-friendly number and I have really good feelings about 2013…things are going to happen this for me…and I am ready. I am using the ideas of positive energy to bring positive things and self-fulling prophecy to keep that energy going.
I am not going to live afraid anymore. Afraid of success, afraid of change, afraid to step outside my comfort zones, afraid to truly put myself out there to love and be loved, afraid of disappointing and/or embarrassing others. Those fears stop now.
I am going to be successful. This premise is based on the fact that I have been successful in previous endeavors.
I am going to embrace change. Change is going to happen regardless…might as well give it a hug. Recent changes (getting fired, etc) have had the most amazing effect on my life.
I am going to step so far out of my comfort zones as to have them destroyed. The red highlights was just a first step.
I am going to put myself out there to love and be loved. No more hiding or settling for almost.
I am no longer going to worry about disappointing and/or embarrassing anyone. People are either on the boat to my island or they are not. And my island may never become actual…it may stay metaphoric, but the concept remains the same.
I am going to finish my PhD…not because I have to, but because I finally want to again.
I am going to live out loud.
I am going to write more, edit more, publish more.
I am done being afraid.
Watch out world.

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