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January 7, 2019


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Last year, I had a couple of breakthroughs…I hit double digits with my books out. This was with Driven West, my first attempt at a mystery. From it, I learned what to do with my next mystery. I also learned that I finally felt like a grown-up author. Double digits…that’s a big deal.

My next breakthrough was the monstrosity that was Dear Teaching: I want a Divorce. P.S. It’s you, not Me. This was my first swim in non-fiction waters, which is a breakthrough, of course…but given the subject matter, was hardly the biggest breakthrough. This book was my hardest book to write yet, and it took longer for me to get out than planned. There was a lot of baggage and boxes to go through. Teaching introduced me to people I would never have met otherwise, but also was an emotional journey I had mostly dealt with by shoving things in boxes. Huge Breakthrough.

Another breakthrough was entering into the realm of Children’s books. Two amazing friends and I decided to create TOMMY. His first book Tommy’s Moving Day opened up a whole new world for the three of us, and there is not a part of me that doesn’t absolutely love that little bat.

My final breakthrough as an author was Shades of Blue. My first book of poetry. This book has been a part of my “I need to get this out” for over a decade. It very well could have been my first book out…but everything happens in the time it is meant to, and I was finally ready to let go of my poems and share them with the world.

I also had a breakthrough that I was healed from past pains, but that is another post for another day.


July 26, 2018

Dear Teaching

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Dear Teaching,

          You knew my weakness. I mean, how could you not. It was always about them. It didn’t matter how old they got, it was always about the kids…and you knew exactly how to keep me under your thumb. “The kids need you. What will they do without you?” And I would stay another year…

That is an excerpt from the Bonding chapter of Dear Teaching: I want a Divorce. This book has made me a stronger writer, to be sure, a stronger person, and has taken me on every roller coaster of emotions which could exist. I am making progress on it, yes, and will have it out as soon as it is ready…but I work on it for a bit and then I have to go play with something light. (Quarter Finals is perfect for this.)

It is amazing to look back at 2 decades of your life and wonder what your life would be like if, at any point, you had made a different choice, and knowing at the very core of  you, that you wouldn’t change anything on the off chance that there would be people you couldn’t have met if you had done even one thing differently.

December 28, 2016


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Some of the best advice I have ever heard about writing was to work on something new immediately after finishing something, and I have to be honest, this has never been a problem for me as I was always starting new projects (much to the dismay of my current projects and the prospect of actually finishing anything).

The past year and a half I have devoted to finishing projects I have had “done” for a while. Case in point…First Down was published this month and I had originally started the series on the first day of 2012. One one hand, I need things to percolate a bit…on the other hand, get it together, Michelle.

So I am in editing mode for the next two books of Lucky Charms and that is great. Stealing Second  will be out in March to kick off baseball season, and Hat Trick will be out in June and keep all things moving right along. After those two are edited, I will be editing Driven West, which was my National Novel Writing Month project for 2015. This is due out in September 2017.

I love having these projects in editing mode. I love having them closer and closer to ready to be out in the world. It is so exciting to know that at the end of 2017, I will have 10 books out (with Dear Teaching, my NaNo for this year, finishing out the set).

Having so many projects in edit mode though, has me a bit restless. The idea behind beginning a new project immediately upon clicking send is to keep the excitement up…like a new crush after a breakup…just reminds you that you are alive and you don’t spend all of your time worrying and wondering about what you just finished up. Being in editing mode is more work than writing…almost like breaking up with someone and starting up with someone new 6 months into a relationship…if I may continue the metaphor).

So I am just a little bit restless…but will brainstorm and freewrite about future projects to keep the energy alive.

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