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January 12, 2018

Finally…they are all together

CreatespaceSo, back in November, when I moved, I had a blog about how I felt better when all my stuff was in the same place. Well finally, all of my books are in the same place.

I started out with iUniverse and self-published Whatever you Make of It and Arianna’s Honor there.

Then I went to BookBaby, where I self-published Arianna’s Destiny Broken Trust, Redeeming Trust, and First Down.

Then I learned about Createspace. After I got past the unproductive self-lashing for money wasted, I researched what it would take to bring all my babies home.

I edited the ridiculous amounts of grammatical errors in Whatever you Make of It.

I made Arianna’s Honor the same size as all the other books (something which had bothered me every single time I looked at her beautiful cover.

And now…all my babies are home. Shades of Blue  is my upcoming poetry book…not out yet, but the cover is uploaded…a good reminder for me to get to editing those poems.

And there is peace. All 9 of my babies in one home.


October 11, 2017


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Yesterday, I was standing in a classroom at a university…which at a time not too long ago, was the ultimate dream…to get my PhD and teach future teachers…pass the torch and help those who came after me…that was the goal for such a long time…until it wasn’t.

When I quit teaching in April, I felt good about my decision to focus on being an author. I felt a peace about my decision, which always lets me know I am on the right path…but there was a small part of me that wondered, if I was misreading the signals, making a mistake, if I would have regrets.

Yesterday, I stood in the classroom and waited for 3rd and 4th grade tiny humans to come for their sessions about poetry…and I also waited for that tiniest of twinges that I was supposed to be back in a classroom, and all I felt was that I was an author, about to talk to (and hopefully inspire) future authors. There was no longing, no love lost sickness, no ‘how could I walk away from this,’ in fact there was nothing but closure. That chapter of my life is closed…and my soul is at peace.

October 10, 2015

Early to Rise

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The problem with getting up at 6AM on a Saturday is that there are very few people up to talk to…of course, since I usually do some of my best writing at this time, I also can list this as a benefit to getting up at 6AM on a Saturday…

People call me crazy for getting up this early when I don’t have to…well, people call me crazy for a LOT of reasons, but let’s stay on point here, shall we? I have always been an early riser…when the sun’s up, I’m up…time’s a wasting…up and at ’em

There is a calm at this time in the morning that doesn’t exist when the world is awake, and I enjoy that calm…I find peace in it and that peace creates some pretty strong writing. It is easiest for me to get into a good writing zone when I am in that calm…where I am simultaneously aware of the world and not at all aware of the world, and there is peace…and it is a frenzied pace from my head to my hand, from the pen to the paper, but ironically, there is also a calm through the frenzy.

The problem comes in when I forget that my day started before other peoples, and I text people and then frown at my phone because no one is talking to me, and then I look at the clock and cringe and hope my text did not wake them. If I have contacted you at this “ungodly hour” my utmost apologies.

June 11, 2012

Lying on a Beach…

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Okay, so no, I’m not actually lying on a beach as I type this…sand is bad for a computer and even with as many techno-friends as this girl has, I’m pretty sure even they couldn’t get the sand out of the doodads were I actually to take my pretty pink computer to the sandy shores.

But I am picturing a beach…literally, it’s posted on the wall at eye level at my desk. And it serves a reminder…the stress and chaos that currently exist in my life…the very separate HAVE to-do list and WANT to-do list which barely even get to coincide on the same paper…all of the things that HAVE to get done which makes me stall on what I WANT to get done…for now. Yes, that is the for now of my life…but it is not the forever. The writing is forever, be it academic or creative, writing will always pump the blood through my body, will always push the air through my lungs, will always be the bread to my butter, the peanut butter to my jelly, the…I think we get the point.

The picture of the beach is of course my ultimate fantasy…I want to own an island…and everyone’s invited…well, scratch that, there is a list of very specific people that are NOT allowed on my island…and trust me, you know if you are on that list. I may, in reality never own an island…upkeep would be work I have no interest in doing and really all I want to do is be near the ocean and write…so living on someone else’s island would probably suffice for that…plus despite no oceans being anywhere in view…I am quite content in Kansas City for the moment.

My life is not quite where I want it right now…the ratio of HAVE to’s is far from proportionate from the WANT to’s and that makes me all spinny and wonky and more than a little growly but the goal is to grin and bear it until my life can be more shiny (and if that sentence made sense to you…you know me way too well and I adore you…and if that sentence made no sense to you…perhaps we should get better acquainted).

Mentally, I am lying on a beach…the sun is shining down on me, and my lappy is protected from the elements…and all I can see as I look out is the ocean…and I am full of peace…yup, that should get me through the week!!!

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