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May 8, 2017


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So, as I am adjusting to the teacher-free life, I am realizing there are things I want to do and have more of…

** Writing (obviously, as this what was the driving force behind this career change). It will be amazing to have actual scheduled chunks of time to write every day rather than stolen moments between grading and meetings.

**Reading — there is so much I want to read and haven’t had time to. Suggestions are always welcome.

**Publishing, promoting, and all the other parts of the business side of authoring. These have all been woefully neglected.

**Relaxing — I have heard of this an am excited to check this out.

**Netflix…though as not to take away from writing or reading, but again, suggestions are always welcome. I have finally seen How I met your Mother from start to finish (and it made a lot more sense than the random episode I would catch here and there) and am in the middle of season 3 of Blue Bloods.

**Dating — It’s probably time. It will help, I think, when I am not getting lied to on a regular basis as to why work was not done. Just tell me you didn’t have time. I was always good with that. But it has affected how I see people when every day there was a different excuse, a bunch of which were not true.

**Exercising — it’s way past time. Time to stop hiding from the world.

**Smiling and laughing — though I have to admit, I did a lot of this as a teacher as well, as it is just a part of my personality.

I am sure this list will grow…but this is a mighty fine start.


May 31, 2016

Saying bye to May 2016

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Well this was a rainy rainy month…I could definitely use some sunshine…please, and thank you.

I worked out 23 of the 31 days, which considering I had a weekend in Chicago and then a weekend of the sick, is a pretty damn good ratio…especially given how my knee feels about rain. I used  to laugh a bit when people would say their knees knew when it was going to rain. Not laughing anymore…because wow…that is a unique kind of pain.

I started the edit of First Down and have the entire Lucky Charms series printed out and ready to edit and make even stronger (though I have to say…it’s pretty strong right out of the gate.

I ended my part-time job this month…am looking for something else to bring in some extra cash, but am limited by my knee and my unwillingness to sacrifice too much of my precious writing time…so we will see what the universe has up its vast sleeves. Everything happens for a reason.

I have read 8 books so far this year…which is a deplorable average, but I am cutting myself a bit of slack given everything else that is going on.

I have slipped a few days on my goal to write every single day, so June that gets put back on the front burner.

I am making progress on multiple projects to keep myself and my muse from getting bored.

I have queried 6 agents so far and have the next ones ready in case the ones I am currently waiting to hear from are not my future home.

I have figured up my budget for the duration of 2016 and have figured that I can publish Redeeming Trust and Lucky Charms this year (though two of the 3 for LC may be more realistic, time wise).

I am being kind yet strict to myself in accomplishing my goals, knowing that nothing in my life will change if I don’t get things done.

Doing pretty good!

December 26, 2015


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I read an interview with an author who said she didn’t have time to read. I haven’t read another book by her since then. Stephen King says he tries to read at least 80 books a year, and my respect for my idol grew.
I make a goal to read 40 books a year. I am currently at 24, so it is unlikely I will get 16 books read between now and midnight, 31 December. This year has been an odd one to be sure, but I will keep my goal at 40 for 2016 because I know it is achievable even with my full-time teaching job and emerging author life. It averages out to 3.33333 books a month, and my life is much calmer now and much more full of time for me to take care of myself and my goals.
The best way I know how to be a stronger writer is to read and write every day.
Reading helps you see how words play together…how dialogue sounds…how characters and setting are developed. It shows what plot paths work. (It also does the opposite — shows you the awkwardness words can have…dialogue that sounds forced…characters that don’t seem comfortable in their own skin…plot paths that have too many holes or short cuts
Stephen King also earned bonus points when he said it was okay to not finish every book you start reading. I used to feel too guilty (and my OCD of liking to finish what I start would pipe in) and I would plod through every book I started. Now, I know there are too many books I want to read (and write) for me to waste my time with something that just doesn’t work for me.
So the writer part of me needs to read…but even more importantly, I need to read to escape, to grow, to heal, to…just for a little while…forget reality and just be entertained.

June 30, 2013

Reflecting Reflection

I was thinking about this month as I woke up this morning…it’s had a lot of writing packed in 30 little days. I am on chapter 17 of Arianna’s Destiny and that is moving along quite nicely. It has a strong edit/rewrite of Broken Trust which has been a long time coming. It has had notes made on existing projects as well as notes started on projects that do not yet exist. As per a friend’s invite to the 30 Days of Blog, it has had (almost) daily blogging (I think I missed 3 days throughout the course of the month) which has been a fantastic way to find new friends and writers to talk with.
I have enjoyed working on my full-time author gig and it is my absolute goal to enjoy this particular “job” for as long as it is possible for me to do so. I have been job searching, of course…I don’t know what the Universe’s entire plan for me is, but I know it involves me working on my novels, and I have a really strong feeling that while my role may change, my time spent with education is not over yet, which is good…because I am not ready to leave that area quite yet.
I need to read more. I need to have more balance in that aspect of my life. There are so many books that I want to read, so many I need to read…there are friends who have asked me for feedback/editing on their projects and I have just been so absorbed by having free time to write, that I have put things on the back burner. For this I do apologize…I also offer up the information with a smile that for the first time in far too long, I am making the progress as a full-time author that I have wanted to make all along. But it is good to have balance in all things…and my time needs to be spent in writing AND reading AND helping others.
I have also exercised more in this month than I have in previous months…and that will most definitely continue. I want it to become the daily habit that writing is…where I feel off if I haven’t exercised on a given day…it surely makes me twitchy when I go a day without putting pen to paper. It should get the same way when I haven’t read or exercised as well. It is a gradual process, but one I intend on improving.
For future months, I may or may not blog every day…some days I just don’t have a lot to say outside of my novels. I will write every day. I will promote my writing and make new friends and writer-connection. I will have the goal to read and exercise every day. So…I will continue, every day, to make progress on turning the life I want in to the life I have.

June 1, 2013

Hey there June!!!

So a friend asked me to participate in his 30 days of blogging throughout the month of June…I participated last year, but didn’t get every single day blogged. This month I will get it done! I have a list…and as we all know about me, I like to mark things off of lists…plus, I have been waiting for this particular June for roughly my entire life, so I have things to say.
This June, I plan on being a full-time author and a part-time teacher. I have projects aplenty and I want to work on all of them…and bring as many to the point of completion (or as near to completion as I can get this summer). I plan on finishing the first draft of Arianna’s Destiny, which in the middle of Chapter 8 is moving along quite nicely. I plan on editing the various first drafts I have written, among them Broken Trust, Redeeming Trust, Back on Track. I plan on writing several articles that I have been tossing around in my mind for a bit…I plan on working on my nonfiction projects that I have been putting off and putting off and putting off, for lack of time. This summer there is no limit to what I can and will accomplish. I am going to get healthier physically to match the healthiness of my spirit and my mind. I am going to read books I have not had the mental comprehension to read due to lack of time and lack of sleep. And, of course, I am going to write. This, my friends, is going to be an amazing summer.
I turned 38 this week…and I can’t help but know that 38 is going to be my best year yet. So come along for the ride…it’s bound to be a good one.

May 2, 2013

Getting what I Wanted all Along

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So I have been wanting to focus more on writing…I have wanted to really embrace life as an author and just write. I have wanted to finish more projects, publish more novels, just BE an author. I have taught for 16 years now, and I still love it, mostly, but writing has finally become my true passion, and that which I want to pursue more than anything else. I have been praying for, wishing for, hoping for…more time to pursue my author life. I am getting what I wanted all along.
For the June quarter, I will only be teaching 2 classes. I won’t (as of now) be working anywhere else, though I will still be applying for other jobs as needed. Two classes, and they are both ones I have taught before…so no new prep-work…wow…my muse has not stopped dancing since we found out. She has already made plans of how my days and nights will be spent. I will be working on getting more novels ready to publish. I will be writing articles. I will be working on building up my number of readers. I will get to a full-time author and part-time teacher. Yup…it’s what I have wanted all along.
It is really amazing when the universe is exactly in line with what you want for yourself. I’m not only on the right path…I’m making the right moves on the right path. I wanted to be able to write 8 hours a day every day…and there will, of course, be days when I don’t get in 8 full hours…there will also be days when I am reading (which is just as vital…to stay current with the flow of words), there will be days when I am hanging out with friends and family and interacting with people or simply observing people (studying dialogue and body movements), there will be days when I am working on my PhD (slowly…I’m giving myself some time to come back to this). Basically, I will be doing what I have been asking for the opportunity to do…and I will be loving every minute of it.
I am getting what I have always wanted…and I plan on making use of every minute of it…I’m stocking up on shiny pens and blank paper, and I’m getting ready to live life as a full-time author. This is going to be so much fun!!!!

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