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August 22, 2012

Feeling like a taffy pull…

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Okay, so continuing the circus theme from my last blog…if you have ever seen a taffy pull, it is pretty impressive to watch. The taffy, in order to get to the smooth tasty treat we enjoy, has to be pulled this way and that, seemingly pulled in all directions at one time. And lately this is how I have felt…not fun…and what makes it even more “not fun” (forgive the grammar) is that no one put me in this taffy pull…I did it all by myself and just kept adding more and more to keep the multi-directional pulling thing to keep happening.
Now God knows, as most people who have met me quickly learn, that I am not the best listener when people are trying to tell me what to do. I am pretty good at “hah! I’ll show you…” and even better at “Nah…I can handle it.” It’s not so much as I’m stubborn (okay that is part of it) as it is that I just want to do as much as I can.
So…here was what I had planned for September through December: 1) Take my final PhD course,
2) Write my final PhD 90-page paper,
3) Go on my final PhD residency,
4) Begin work on my PhD dissertation,
5) Work my full-time job,
6) Teach at my part-time job,
7) Self-publish Arianna’s Honor,
8) Finish first draft of Hoping for a Hat Trick,
9) Edit 2 other novels whose first drafts are done and ready,
10) Have a book signing
I was completely convinced that all of that could happen…I was evidently incorrect in my assessment. And because I didn’t listen…God (as he usually has to do with me) kicked up the volume a little bit.
I ran out of student loan…and have pursued every possible avenue I can think of, but despite this, I am going to be place on Financial Suspension for my PhD until my account is settled. I can make payments as I am able to do so and am really planning on having it so that I am re-instated at the start of 2013. What this does is take 2 or 3 huge things off my plate (on the aforementioned list it would be items 1-4 off my plate…though I will still work on #2 and #4 but it will be on the side) for a bit. This will allow me to work my 2 jobs, self-publish beautiful Arianna, finish the first draft of Hockey, edit existing first drafts, and have a book signing. Then in January I will have more focus as some things will be taken out of the taffy pull.
It really hurt my ego to hear that I would be Suspended as I have never had any kind of suspension in my life…but God knows I didn’t listen to any other sign I was given.


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